Best Gaming Monitor 2019 (April 2019)

A powerful gaming monitor can give you an edge over the competition in many scenarios. Not only this but your visual enjoyment of each game will improve drastically. In this guide, we share our best gaming monitor 2019, read more below.

Gaming MonitorKey FeaturesRatingPrice
BenQ EX3501R HDR technology, Ultra-wide monitor 35", 100Hz refresh rate, AMD Free Sync, USB-C compatible, Low response time Check Price On Amazon
Asus ROG Swift PG279Q 144Hz refresh rate can be overclocked to 165Hz, NVidia G-Sync technology, 2560 x 1440 resolution, 4ms response time, IPS screen Check Price On Amazon
Acer Predator X27 4K Ultra HD resolution, 120Hz refresh rate can be overclocked to 144Hz, G-Sync enabled, VisionCare technology, 4 USB 3.0 ports Check Price On Amazon
Asus MG279Q AMD FreeSync display technology, Great for AMD graphics card users, 1440p IPS screen, 144Hz refresh rate Check Price On Amazon
Alienware AW3418DW 3440 x 1440 resolution, Ultra-wide monitor, 120Hz refresh rate, 21:9 display, 4ms response time, curved monitor Check Price On Amazon

BenQ EX3501R

BenQ EX3501RThe EX3501R is an immersive curved gaming monitor, that brings the virtual world into reality. With a possible 35″ screen size and a 3440×1440 resolution, this monitor makes you feel like you’re in the game.

The BenQ monitor comes with HDR (high dynamic range) technology which offers more detailed images, greater brightness should you need it and greater contrast, again should you need it.

Alongside the HDR tech, you’re also getting an AMD Free Sync enabled monitor which provides you smooth gameplay and removes the issues of broken frames and choppy tearing. You’ll also be getting an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio on this beautiful monitor.

When it comes to the design of the monitor BenQ has opted for a sleek basic look. This monitor would look at home in an office and wouldn’t stand out as something gaming related (although the features say otherwise). The monitors stand is strong and sturdy and can be adjusted to your viewing angle preference. Assembling the monitor requires no tools and was very easy to do so. Overall from a design aspect, the monitor is very visually pleasing to look at and would fit in any home, office or gaming den.

Best ultrawide gaming monitor

From a performance perspective, this monitor is again exceptional. Using it on Windows 10 made it a breeze to set up and the operating system easily adapts to the ultra wide monitor and larger than normal resolutions. BenQ EX3501R ultra wideWhen testing out various graphically intensive games, I’ve never experienced such crystal clear imagery and such visually enjoyable gameplay. If you test this monitor with a racing game, you’re going to feel like you’re driving for real. FPS is also very immersive with this monitor and everything on this monitor is customizable.

The EX3501R comes with several preset modes, although we found that two were ideal for us. First, we tried out the HDR mode which gave us the most vibrant image from the modes we tested, however, my partner found the sRGB mode just as enjoyable.

Overall with the BenQ EX3501R, I really can’t say anything bad about it. The monitor is perfect for any gamer. It’s 100Hz refresh rate, striking low 5ms response time, huge screen size with a 3550×1440 resolution, you really cannot go wrong. The only small downsides are configuring the monitor, but once you’re setup and good to go this monitor will blow you away. It’s also priced at the higher-tier when it comes to gaming monitors, however, BenQ also offers a 31.5″ version which is a smaller and $150 cheaper monitor and is still one of the best gaming monitors.

  • Extremely quick refresh rates
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology
  • USB-C compatible
  • AMD Free Sync
  • 31.5″ or 35″
  • Ultra-wide
  • 100Hz refresh rate

  • Configuring the monitor out of the box can be slightly tricky. Although this is only a one-time gaming monitor

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

ASUS ROG PG279QWhen it comes to picking the right gaming monitor for you, you’re probably struggling between two things. Either you can go for a high refresh rate and low response time gaming monitor, but then suffer from a lack of image quality, or you go can go for an IPS monitor with vibrant colors and better visuals but lose out on the gaming performance. This is where the PG279Q will save your day as it brings together both amazing visuals alongside fantastic gaming features.

Best 27 inch gaming monitor

To start off the Asus ROG Swift monitor comes with a 144Hz refresh rate. This is one of the highest refresh rates in the industry and it can be argued that once you go over 120Hz it has diminishing returns, but if you want to gain every edge on your opponent then you want the highest refresh rate possible. Not only this but you can overclock it to 165Hz which I must admit is rather overkill.

The PG279Q comes with a 2560×1440 resolution on a 27-inch monitor which is a perfect balance for gaming. You won’t have to struggle configuring settings like you would with the BenQ monitor I reviewed above, however you might lose out on some slightly better visuals when compared to the EX3501R. The monitor comes with G-Sync technology provided by nVidia which is another plus.

ASUS ROG PG279Q ports

The aspect ratio for this monitor is maintained at a standard 16:9 compared with the ultrawide BenQ monitor above.

When testing this monitor in various competitive games such as Counter-Strike or DOTA 2, I could notice the difference between this monitor and my old gaming monitors. The ultra-low 4ms response time coupled with this extremely high refresh rate just gives you an edge on the competition. I was regularly beating better gamers to the shot in CSGO and felt I had better creep killing skills in DOTA.

Best 1440p gaming monitor

For pricing, the PG279Q is competitive with the EX3501R by BenQ, although it’s on the pricier side of the market. We think the monitor is worth every penny you spend on it and it’ll last you a few years, not only that but it’s built by ASUS one of the most respected brands in gaming, who have great warranty options and provide exceptional support.

To sum up, you can’t go wrong with the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q, it has some benefits over the previously reviewed monitor and also some downsides, but between them, they’re both great. The PG279Q is definitely made and built for gamers, but it would also function perfectly as an everyday use monitor.

  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Overclockable 165Hz refresh rate
  • 4ms response time
  • 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • G-Sync technology
  • IPS screen
  • Sleek design

  • To access and use the G-Sync technology you will require an Nvidia graphics card.ASUS ROG PG279Q gaming monitor

Acer Predator X27

Acer Predator X27 144hzThe X27 is a close rival to the PG27UQ I reviewed above. Both gaming monitors were released at similar times and carry similar features. It’s hard to argue which is better and it comes down to preference, although we have chosen the ASUS PG27UQ to be the better gaming monitor.

Best 4K gaming monitor

The features of this gaming monitor are very similar to the ones I listed above but I’ll break down the slight differences anyway. Although there isn’t much difference if you do see either gaming monitor listed for a steep discount or sale, then make sure you pick either one up as they’re both very similar.

To start off with the Acer Predator X27 you have a 27-inch screen as indicated by the name “X27” and a 4K resolution support. 4K monitors have only recently started to come out for gaming, as most of the time the refresh rate was topped out at 60Hz however now you have the Acer Predator which comes with a 120Hz refresh rate. If you’re looking to marginally increase the performance you can overclock this monitor to a 144Hz rate, although this is overkill.

Acer Predator X27 4k monitorThe response time of this monitor is the same as Asus one above, it’s 4ms and this is perfect for gaming. Alongside the gaming features, you get all the fancy imagery stuff, such as the HDR feature, G-Sync, and a 3840 x 2160 resolution, all aligning together to give you amazing visuals when using this monitor.

This monitor comes with two USB 3.0 ports on the side of the screen, two on the back next to an HDMI display port. The extra USB slots are helpful as often times it saves you reaching all the way over to your desktop.

Overall this gaming monitor is just as good as the one above. Anything that can produce 4K HDR graphics in my book is an outstanding monitor, coupled with the gaming features like the low response time and the high refresh rate and you have a perfect monitor for gaming. The design and build quality are strong and sturdy. Acer is a respected brand in gaming and offers great support and warranty, should you ever experience any issues(although I doubt you will).

  • Low 4ms response time
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 144Hz overclocked refresh rate
  • 27-inch screen
  • G-Sync enabled
  • VisionCare technology prevents eye strain
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports

  • The price is something that may be offputting for a few people. Close to $2000 can be expensive, but the quality you receive in return is truly amazing.Acer Predator X27


Asus MG279Q monitorIf you’re on the hunt for a Freesync display monitor but are not a fan of our top pick then the ASUS MG279Q may be for you.

The picture quality is great straight out of the box, there’s no complex setup and the preset options are perfect for any gamer. Whilst you don’t get an ultra wide HDR enabled monitor like the BenQ EX3501R, you do get an amazing gaming monitor 27-inches wide and with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Best budget gaming monitor

By using the Freesync technology by AMD not opting for G-Sync in this monitor, Asus has cut the costs for the end consumer and therefore you get a cheaper monitor with close to equally good performance compared to other monitors of this size.

The MG279Q boasts similar features to the PG279Q, such as a 4ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate and an IPS screen. So is there much difference when comparing them both? In my opinion, there are subtle differences that you’ll notice if you spend a long time gaming on either monitor, but in the end, most people won’t be able to tell them apart. Asus MG279Q wqhdIf you have the budget I’d recommend going for the more expensive PG279Q but if you are strapped for cash then this monitor will do you just fine.

The design and build quality of this monitor is fantastic. Of course, it’s made by ASUS who are experts in gaming monitors and have a huge product line, so you can rest assured with your purchase that it’ll last a long time and you won’t have any broken pixels or issues in the future.

Best cheap gaming monitor

When testing this monitor out with various video games, I couldn’t tell it apart from its sister ASUS monitor and to be honest, they are both amazing pieces of gaming technology. The visuals were great on both, the response time was low, and there were no issues with setting up either monitor. If you have an AMD graphics card and want a cheaper monitor then the MG279Q is for you. Overall I’d have to say this would qualify as the top rated monitor for people on a budget.

  • 4ms response time
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • AMD FreeSync display technology
  • 1440p IPS screen
  • 27-inch monitor
  • 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • 15.9 lbs weight
  • Cheaper than other monitors
  • Great for AMD graphics card users

  • The adaptive refresh range on this monitor is only 35Hz – 90Hz.Asus MG279Q

Alienware AW3418DW

Alienware AW3418DW curved monitorWhen you think of Alienware, you’re probably thinking of those awesome desktop computers made years ago that was miles ahead of the competition and were priced at three times as much. Nowadays Alienware develops some of the most powerful gaming hardware on the market. They produce laptops, peripherals and gaming monitors!

In this review, we look at the AW3418DW one of their most recent productions. This gaming monitor shown at CES 2019 has exceptional features, although it may be pricey for some.

This is hands down one of the fastest gaming monitors with a 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio, this ultrawide build makes gaming extremely immersive and allows you to feel like you’re actually in the screen. Often times when we get these exceptional monitors with impressive visuals, you lose features that actually help you get a competitive advantage on others, but this gaming monitor breaks that mold.

The Alienware AW3418DW comes with a 100Hz refresh rate, G-Sync technology and more. The 100Hz refresh rate can be overclocked all the way up to 120Hz which may look lackluster compared to the other ASUS monitors we reviewed above, but it’s more than you’ll ever need. The response time like most other monitors reviewed here is 4ms which is some of the lowest response times available. Alienware AW3418DW standWith the G-Sync panel, you won’t be experiencing any screen tearing and frame rates are consistently high when paired with a powerful graphics card.

Best curved gaming monitor

When it comes to design, Alienware produces some of the best. The design on the AW3418DW looks amazing and has a gamer feel to it. Whereas some other monitors might be able to pass in an office or a living room, this monitor is definitely made for gamers and belongs in a gamers den. You get the benefits of having an HDMI, USB upstream and two USB 3.0 ports on the monitor which is very handy.

Overall the Alienware AW3418DW qualified as one of our top 5 gaming monitors for a reason. The performance is excellent, the visuals are amazing and the design is simply perfect for gamers. You really can’t go wrong with Alienware if you can afford the hefty price tag that comes associated with it, but we promise you, it’s all worth it.

  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 3440 x 1440 resolution
  • Ultra-wide monitor
  • 21:9 aspect ratio
  • Curved monitor
  • Weight is 26lbs
  • Response time 4ms
  • Brightness 300cd/m2
  • 34-inch monitor
  • Alienware design and high-quality build

  • The downsides for the Alienware AW3418DW are very minimal. The only issue we could find was the price relative to other gaming monitors, but if you have a budget you’re paying a premium for the exceptional quality and build of Alienware products.Alienware AW3418DW

Final Verdict

BenQ EX3501R

I have chosen the BenQ EX3501R as the winner of this review. This gaming monitor simply can’t be beaten for its image quality and performance. The ultra-wide monitor makes gaming feel realistic and provides you a huge workspace when needed. Although setup can be confusing, the monitor makes up for it tenfold afterward by providing such an amazing user experience.

This choice is only for those that want an immersive experience when gaming if you’re looking for pure gaming performance then maybe our second choice is the one for you, as this monitor can double up as both a work monitor and a gaming monitor. We find this monitor provides the most crystal clear images on the market when compared to other competing models. You also have a huge company like BenQ behind this monitor, providing great support and warranty services.


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