Dell S2716DG 27″ LED-Lit G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Review

When it comes to computer related products, Dell is one of the first few names that pop into the mind. Dell is such a prominent name that it needs no introduction. Everyone simply knows it. Apart from manufacturing laptops and computers, Dell also makes a variety of gaming products. It has its own range of exceptional gaming items that are said to be the leading devices on the market. Here is a review of Dell’s gaming S2716DG 27-inch screen.

Dell S2716DG Review


The S2716DG features a modern design. However, due to its futuristic looks, the monitor looks minimalistic from the front. No particular area of this device is toned up with bright colors, and it doesn’t even boast funky and random lines. You are not going to see an emergence of flashing lights on it while playing the game, and neither will you find any gaming statements engraved on the body. But that’s the thing that makes it unique and more attractive.

Moreover, its bezels boast a dual-stage design along with an incredibly slim panel border and a very slender hard plastic. It has a natural screen surface with a matte anti-glare coat. Also, Dell has used a TN screen for the S2716DG, which provides excellent response times – a necessary feature for playing games. Also, its 2560 x 1440 resolution is another felicitous attribute. Its pixel density of 108.8 ppi is way better than the 1080p panels as it provides more sharpness, clearance, and precision.

It’s not like other brands haven’t offered this resolution. There are many brands that provide the exact screen size and resolution or even higher than that. However, it’s the quality that counts and that’s what Dell possesses.



The performance of the S2716DG is beyond perfect. This monitor features the NVIDIA GSync technology that provides undistorted and sharp moving images along with the fastest refresh rate. It helps in drastically decreasing motion blur and delivers bright and jitter-free graphics. Apart from that, it also boasts minimum input lag at 1ms panel response time, which means that customers can enjoy a responsive and incredibly swift gameplay.

Moreover, it is equipped with a crisp and clear 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution that delivers two times more details as compared to the Full HD screen. Users can also adjust the screen whichever way they like, whether horizontally or vertically. The screen can easily be adjusted to different heights. Also, it can be pivoted, swiveled, and tilted so that gamers can find the perfect viewing position to play games for long hours.



  • It comes with a versatile stand and allows users to adjust the screen to any position they like.
  • It has a higher refresh rate.
  • It is well designed and constructed.
  • It contains NVIDIA GSync.
  • It exhibits a relatively rich colored picture that is free of jitters.


  • It is too expensive as compared to the rival products with similar design and features.

Dell S2716DG


Dell S2716DG
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The Dell S2716DG is a fantastic quality gaming monitor with a good brand standing behind it, producing an exceptionally unique and clear image. We highly recommend this gaming monitor.


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