Dell UltraSharp UP2715K 5K Monitor Review

While it’s that true most people are just getting accustomed to 4K displays, it hasn’t stopped companies from launching 5K monitors. Dell has to be one of the most renowned names to enter this particular market with its UP2715K LED Monitor. The UP2715K delivers stunning visuals, and even the most experienced of users won’t be able to see any individual pixels, even at close viewing distances.

When paired with some HD content, it’s hard to write off the Dell UP2715K and its gorgeous display. When it comes to premium products such as those of Dell, especially the ones including factory calibration, the general expectation for accuracy is naturally high. It’s fair to say that the UP2715K delivers on that front. However, it’s not as easy as plugging the monitor in and turning it on.

Dell UltraSharp UP2715K Review


Dell has also included software with the monitor which makes it easier to tune the accuracy and make the monitor work at its full potential. This won’t be much of a problem even for the most amateur of users. Dell has made calibration easy, which is why the UP2715K is definitely worth a shot. It offers smooth and super-saturated images that are pixel-free.

The monitor relies on its more-than-Adobe color gamut so that you can enjoy emerald greens, deep reds, and rich royal blues in all your HD content. It offers the best in image fidelity and even though it may not yet be the standard, the UP2715K makes the screen burst with vivid and bold colors. So if that’s what you’re seeking in your new monitor, there is none better than the UP2715K.

Dell UP2715K gets plenty of stuff right and the included software makes it extremely easy to tweak the monitor to perfection. This makes the Dell 5K monitor an ideal candidate for professionals who want to pack all the pixels in their 27-inch screen. Dell refers to this line as UltraSharp, and the UP2715K proves to be worthy of that label. For its stunning performance and vivid images, Dell UP2715K deserves all the praise.



Dell rarely disappoints in the design department, and that is also the case here. The 5K monitor by Dell doesn’t just offer stunning visuals but is also quite a looker itself. The elegant and sophisticated combination of black and silver means you can put this monitor on your desk at work or home without any hesitation.



  • 5K resolution packed with all the pixels you’ll need.
  • Multiple calibration options.
  • Software for auto-calibration of the monitor included.
  • Rich and vivid colors and details.
  • Solid build and slick design.


  • Weak out-of-the-box performance; requires calibration.
  • Middling contrast and minor light bleed in some tests.


Dell UltraSharp UP2715K
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


If you’re looking for a desktop monitor that offers the highest pixel density and resolution available, there is no need to look any further than the Dell UP2715K. It’s not overpriced, considering the technology, solid hardware and sturdy build that Dell offers. It also arms the users with all the tools to get the best out of this monitor.


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