LG Electronics UM57 25″ Gaming Monitor Review

LG has an extensive range of monitors and most of its monitors, including the 25UM57, feature an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio rather than a standard 16:9 ratio, which allows users to work with more width. In this review, we will highlight the design, feature, and performance of LG’s remarkable 25UM57 to see whether it surpasses our expectations.


The 25UM57 has a 25-inch screen, which is powered by an LED-backlit display. It has a matte display which helps eliminate glare that could appear because of the bright surroundings. There are two HDMI ports and a headphone or audio jack at the back.

For navigation, this monitor makes use of on-device nub rather than buttons, making it easier to navigate through the menus. Moreover, to indicate the state of the monitor, it has a LED light which flashes when the display is on standby and lights up when powered on. It contains a small stand which can easily fit almost anywhere. The screen easily tilts backward at a 30-degree angle, making it perfect for taller people.


LG’s 25UM57 uses in-plane switching (IPS) technology which makes the screen look uniform, especially from wide angles. Its black stabilizer provides visibility and brightness in highly dark scenes, which will help a lot when playing games where the enemy is hiding in a dark area to attack you. It comes with three game modes, allowing you to pick the best style which is suitable for your game.

You can split the entire screen into four customizable parts in just one click, making it ideal for people who need to see four separate windows at the same time. It also contains a flicker-safe feature which minimizes the flicker level and dims the screen to avoid eye fatigue.


This monitor performs excellently. Its ultra-wide screen optimizes games and movies and makes it easier to view several documents together. Since the IPS technology improves the performance of displays, it enhances color reproduction and allows users to see the screen from any angle. Moreover, it makes multitasking easier due to the 4-screen split. Now, you don’t need to shuffle different windows back and forth since you can view four windows at the same time. Also, the almost-zero flicker features make looking at the screen comfortable for a longer time.


  • It has the IPS technology.
  • Its screen can be split into four parts, making it best for multitasking.
  • It has an ultra-wide screen with 21:9 aspect ratio.
  • As compared to other gaming displays, it is a little inexpensive.
  • It is ideal for both work and gaming.


  • There is no 4-split screen feature for Windows 10.
  • It has no DisplayPort or DVI port, making it unsuitable for people who have older graphic cards.

LG Electronics 25UM57


LG Electronics UM57
  • Design
  • Performance


LG’s 25UM57 has amazing features which make it perfect for anyone who loves playing games or working on a wider screen. It is a pretty good monitor and contains everything a person needs in his desktop. However, it has a lack of ports and the 4-split screen feature is not compatible with Windows 10, yet it will give you an excellent experience and will make your desktop better.


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