Monoprice 28-Inch 4K UHD Select Series Gaming Monitor Review

You deserve the best, so why not ensure that you have a monitor that gives you the best? One monitor that makes sure that you get the best image quality, design, and performance is the Monoprice 28-inch 4K UHD Select Series monitor. You will find the screen easy to handle without any dead pixels disrupting your work.

Monoprice Select Series Review

Design and Features

Beginning with the Monoprice 28-inch 4K UHD Select Series monitor review, this is a 28-inch big monitor and it comes with a 4K UDH resolution, which ensures that all the pixels of the monitor are working correctly and represents a bright screen for its users. The resolution of the screen consists of 3840×2160 pixels, which ensure that whatever videos or images you are looking at seem real and you can enjoy the moment.

The monitor also comprises of more than 1 billion colors that allow you to view each and every color exactly the way you would see it in real life. The actual use of this color representation comes in when you are using software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Whether you are working on an art project or 3D graphics, this monitor will allow you to get each and every frame just right. Even if you choose to use the monitor for gaming, you will get a real experience with the monitor’s clear pixels. There are various advanced features added in the screen as well, which include Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture. The monitor also comes with multiple input outlets so that you can connect hardware as per your requirement.

You can be assured that you will not find even one dead or stuck pixel on the screen, and it comes with a Pixel Perfect warranty. If you are looking for expanded resolution, you will see that the monitor also has 5K support. The monitor will also provide you with excellent sound as it comes with built-in channel speakers of 2 watts. The monitor also has LED backlighting and an antiglare finish that ensures that the monitor does not strain the user’s eyes.


Performance and Quality

It is a sturdy monitor built with a metal frame that makes it a highly durable monitor which will last you for a long time. As you will find no dead pixels on the screen, it ensures that you get a great display and a clear image so that you can easily spot any little errors. The overall performance of the monitor is excellent with an incredible color representation, which allows you to view a broad range of colors extremely accurately. You will find the monitor to perform up to par and made up of the finest quality. It has received some good customer reviews and has been given a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.



  • Great display quality with an incredible resolution
  • You will see that there are no stuck pixels in the screen
  • Won’t cause a glare in your eyes
  • The screen allows you to multitask mainly due to its size
  • The color representation of the monitor is also great


  • The location of the display port might seem unfeasible
  • The monitor has the tendency of running hot


Monoprice Select
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The Monoprice 28-Inch select series monitor provides amazing 4K UHD quality and a crystal clear image. It has received high reviews across the board and has a 4 star overall rating.


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