NEC EA EA275WMI 27″ Screen LED-Lit Monitor Review

When it comes to maximizing your PC experience, it’s important to pay close attention to your display. At worst, you’ll be spending hours in front of the screen and at best, an hour or two. Having an LED-lit monitor is essential these days, but there’s a lot of variety available in the market.

With the NEC MultiSync EA275WMi LED Monitor, you get 27 inches of crystal-clear viewing. Using the SpectraView-II, this WQHD LCD monitor delivers unmatched color accuracy and a breathtaking performance filled with immersive visuals.

NEC EA EA275WMI Review


The NEC 27″ LCD features a high-resolution IPS panel that delivers wide viewing angles and as a result, you get to enjoy outstanding image reproduction. The sRGB IPS panel technology that this widescreen monitor utilizes offers wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees vertical or horizontal.

The 27″ NEC monitor is lit up by the LED backlight to give a bright and illuminated display. The IPS panel technology and the LED backlight combine to give a slimmer profile, increased power savings, and lighter weight.

It also features touch-sensitive on-screen display controls to offer users ease and comfort. It also offers a PBP (Picture by Picture) mode that gives two different inputs on the screen at the same time.

With the monitor’s efficient cable management and modern ControlSync technology, users can control the settings of six units at once with a multi-monitor configuration. For precise color rendering, the monitor utilizes its SpectraView-II software and the superb Spyder5 color calibration sensor.



The monitor sports a slim and lightweight design and a black finish that fits in professional settings as well as in home setups. Its touch-sensitive controls are integrated into the monitor’s bezel so that users can make display adjustments easily.

With its ambient light sensors, the monitor automatically detects the work conditions and adjusts the display brightness accordingly to make display much more convenient and conserve power as well. The monitor’s design also offers full connectivity with its HDMI, DVI-I and DisplayPort inputs.

What sets the NEC MultiSync EA275WMi apart is its fully adjustable quick-release stand with a height adjustment feature of up to 130mm as well as tilt, swivel, and pivot capabilities to add comfort and flexibility to your viewing experience.



  • Impressive and consistent display performance with accurate color rendering and superb HD output.
  • Widescreen output with a very wide viewing angle for ease of use and comfort, especially with multiple viewers.
  • Adjustable design with touch display controls for adjustments and a flexible quick-release stand with swiveling and tilting capabilities.
  • Slim and sleek design with a lightweight body and a smooth black finish.
  • Backlight LED ensures a bright and illuminated display with automatically adjusting brightness capability.


  • Only available in one color and finish i.e. black.
  • Only one audio output port provided on the monitor.


  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


Overall, the NEC 27″ LED monitor is a great choice for anyone who wants an uncompromised viewing experience at their workstation or their home desktop. It’s a LED monitor worth buying.


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