Philips 276E6ADSS 27-Inch Monitor Review

Philips is one of the leaders in the home appliances industry. It has outshone itself in almost every category it steps into. From home to office, its products have been considered one of the best by customers. It is the first manufacturer who has used the quantum-dot technology in its monitor so that it can provide users with high-performance and excellent image quality. Its displays are brimmed with smart innovations, timeless design, and vivid imagery so that users can feel highly satisfied with their purchase. Here is the review of Philips 276E6ADSS 27-inch quantum-dot monitor.

Philips 276E6ADSS Review


This monitor possesses an incredibly fresh design. Although it is not a gaming monitor, it can be used as one. Furthermore, this display is very classy. It is coated with a sleek semi-gloss white plastic, which is pretty unique as most of the industry is filled with black monitors. Moreover, the stand is elegantly designed and silver in color. It is attached to the lower back of the display to provide greater support.

However, there is one disadvantage of the stand, and that’s its thinness. As the stand is too narrow and only supports the screen from the bottom, the display bobs whenever it is slightly disturbed or forcefully touched. Also, since it is not exactly a gaming monitor, it can only be adjusted for tilt. You can’t swivel it and use it in portrait mode.

It has a 1080p display with a refresh rate of 60Hz. It offers various inputs such as DVI, HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm audio out that passes the audio signals as the 276E6 monitor doesn’t come with built-in speakers. Apart from that, the unit doesn’t include a VESA mount, so users won’t be able to mount it on the wall.

The monitor also possesses touch controls rather than push buttons or joystick controllers. This makes the device looks pretty sophisticated, but users won’t be able to find them in the dark and might accidentally touch the wrong buttons before tapping on the right one.



Apart from some insufficiency in the design, the Philips 276E6 performs really great. If you’re a graphic designer and want to see every image clearly, this display is perfect for you. Its bright and vivid display makes all visualizations attractive, whether you see a still image or a video. It presents everything exceedingly sharp and clear; you literally won’t be able to find any spot on the screen that is either under-lit or too dark.

However, as this screen is pretty large, the 1920×1080 resolution might sometimes feel insufficient for people who use their display for almost everything, from working to playing games and watching videos or movies. Also, today there is a demand for a higher resolution because it provides a more high-end feel, so some monitor devotees might look for other displays rather than this one just because of this flaw.



  • Attractive and unique design.
  • Affordable price.
  • Bright, clear, sharp, and vivid image.
  • Quantum-dot technology.


  • Wobbly stand.
  • Only 1080p resolution.


Philips 276E6ADSS
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


Philips utilizes quantum dot technology to produce a crystal clear image, on this high quality monitor. We highly recommend this monitor to those in need of a monitor producing the best quality image available.


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