Samsung CF591 Curved 27″ LED Gaming Monitor Review

Does your monitor provide you with the best resolution and experience both in gaming and watching movies or your favorite television shows? If your answer is no, you need a bigger and better monitor, and no other monitor would be a match for the Samsung CF591 series curved 27″ LED-lit monitor.


The monitor has a 27-inch LED screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The body of the monitor is made up of silver plastic and has a thin black panel on the inside. The base of the stand is silver and is in a circular shape or the shape of a dish. The screen is curved and the curvature of the screen is around 1800R. The sides of the monitor are quite slender and can be used easily for multi-screen gaming. On the upper right corner of the back of the monitor, there is a joystick or JOG button to control the On Screen Display and the power state of the monitor. There is also a DP 1.2a, HDMI 1.4a, VGA, two 3.5mm audio jacks (one for audio input and the other one for audio output), and power input jack on the rear side of the monitor.


The 1800R curvature of the screen provides the best results and provides the user with stunning panoramic views. The curvature was designed by keeping in mind the human eye, which makes the user’s viewing experience better and quite comfortable without putting stress on the eyes. The eye saver mode saves the user’s eyes from fatigue by reducing the blue light emissions and flickers, which is all done by just one click of a button. The AMD FreeSync technology makes sure the user has the smoothest display, even during the fastest moving scenes. This technology dynamically synchronizes the screen’s refresh rate with the video’s frame rate to minimize the image latency and reduces image tearing and stutter during your gaming sessions. Furthermore, the 5W built-in speakers produce crisp and clear sounds.


The 4mm response time allows the user to see even the fastest on-screen motion with maximum clarity and smoothness, and the AMD FreeSync technology makes sure that the images have less blur and ghosting. The eye saver mode is perfect for users with bad vision as their eyes get stressed far earlier than users with perfect eyesight. Thus, users can read documents or play games without putting much stress on their eyes. The video quality of the monitor is quite clear and the 1800R and 3000:1 contrast ratio makes it even better. The monitor can provide vibrant colors in the brightest lit rooms.

The gaming experience provided by this monitor is also above satisfactory. There is a game mode option that can be turned on while the user is playing games.

samsung cf591

Samsung CF591
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The monitor has some glare effect, but it can be fixed by changing the angle of the keyboard. Overall, this product is excellent for people looking for a sleek and stylish monitor while staying within their budget.


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