Best Gaming Mouse 2019 (April 2019)

When you are a serious gamer, like myself, who spends hours at a time at the computer slaying the competition, a standard boring office mouse simply will not do and you’ll need the best gaming mouse 2019. Having the most efficiency possible when gaming means a better score and a higher chance of owning the competition. Gaming mice are especially useful when it comes to MMOs, and I have found that using a standard mouse after trying my first gaming mouse just wouldn’t cut it anymore. I have taken it upon myself to spend time gaming with some of the best gaming mice out there and reviewed them for you to help you make a more informed decision.

Gaming MouseKey FeaturesRatingPrice
Razer DeathAdder Elite Best gaming mouse, 16000 DPI, Mechanical mouse, 7 programmable buttons, 99.4 percent resolution accuracy, Adjustable colors. Check Price On Amazon
SteelSeries Sensei Several aesthetic finishes to choose from, Ultra durable, Highly reliable, Well respected brand, Excellent performance for price. Check Price On Amazon
Razer Naga Hex V2 16.8 million colors, Extremely ergonomic, Mechanical mouse that helps prevent misclicks, 7 programmable buttons, Rubber grip for great control of the mouse. Check Price On Amazon
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Ranges from 200 to 12000 DPI, Performs as both wired and wireless, 16.8 million colors, Quick twitch-target action, Ultra lightweight Check Price On Amazon
Logitech G502 Proteus Core 11 programmable buttons, 3.6 gram adjustable weight, DPI ranges from 200 to 12000, Fast scroll wheel excellent for FPS weapon switches Check Price On Amazon
Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS Very inexpensive, 6 foot fibre braided cable, Red backlight, Lightweight with customizable weight options, Anti-skid scroll wheel. Check Price On Amazon
Razer Naga Chroma 19 programmable buttons total, 12 concave tactile buttons on the side of the mouse, One size fits all with a sleek design, 16.8 million colors, Very aesthetically pleasing. Check Price On Amazon
SteelSeries Rival 700 Prism RGB lights, Adjustable sensitivities and tactile responses, High grade durable mouse, Built with an excellent brand behind it, Great for FPS Check Price On Amazon

Razer DeathAdder Elite The Best Gaming Mouse 2019

Having a mouse that can keep up with my fast-paced movements and translate them from mouse to screen instantly is imperative to my gaming experience. A slow mouse simply will not cut it if I want to outperform my competition. best gaming mouseThe Razer DeathAdder Elite seems to be even a step ahead of me with how fast and smooth it is. This gaming mouse may be the best gaming mouse in terms of speed and accuracy. It features an impressive 16,000 dots per inch which is really important for swift in-game movements. Couple this with the fact that it also can move 450 inches per second and I am left with truly superior mouse functionality. The Razer DeathAdder Elite also has a super impressive 99.4 percent resolution accuracy so that I can be certain that each movement that I am making with my mouse is translated perfectly from mouse to screen.

Another important factor for me when choosing my next gaming mouse is the fact of how long my purchase is going to last me. The Razer DeathAdder Elite promises durability of up to 50 million clicks, and I believe it whole-heartedly. I get pretty excited when I am in the middle of a match and make a lot of clicks, and this mouse has yet to weaken, even after all of this time using it to play for hours on end nearly each and every day. The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a mechanical mouse, so each click that I make is perfectly audible and I do not have to worry if I actually clicked the button or not, unlike some mouse devices that have a soft click function. This has helped me perform more accurately and it has definitely been optimized for gaming. It certainly is not a standard office mouse by any means.

I also take into consideration the comfort of any given gaming mouse as I want something that is going to feel great in my hand, no matter how often I end up using it. The Razer DeathAdder Elite has been put to the test many times and has never once failed me. With this mouse, I do not experience any cramping of the hand or uncomfortable positioning of the wrist. This mouse has even been tested and given the seal of approval from professional gamers that spend the day in and day out using it, so I am certain that it is not just me that feels this way about this gaming mouse. In fact, this might be the best mouse in terms of comfort, or at least one of them. I would also like to mention while discussing the design of the mouse that it comes with Razer Chroma customizable lighting so that I can essentially choose how I would like my gaming mouse to look on any given day.

I enjoy the fact that the Razer DeathAdder Elite comes with a tactile scroll wheel. This allows me even greater functionality that gives me ultimate control over the gaming experience. It helps me make more precise movements which in turn allows me to better perform, no matter what type of game I am playing. It also boasts 7 independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons to allow me swift access to important features of a game.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite also has DPI buttons right at my fingertips so that I do not have to waste time accessing the in-game menus in order to increase or reduce the sensitivity levels of this mouse. This makes my performance even more efficient and definitely gives me a leg up in the competition. Some games require greater sensitivity than others so I absolutely love this feature, and I feel like it makes this mouse stand out.


  • 16,000 DPI
  • 450 IPS
  • 7 Programmable buttons
  • 99.4 percent resolution accuracy
  • Adjustable colors
  • DPI buttons located on the mouse itself
  • Guaranteed to last up to 50 million clicks
  • Incredibly ergonomic
  • Mechanical mouse
  • Tactile scroll wheel
  • Tested and validated by eSports professional gamers
  • Ultra-efficient
  • RGB Lighting


  • Not exactly well suited for FPS gaming. I play mostly RPGs but I do enjoy a good FPS. Some reports have indicated that this mouse is not well suited for FPS games due to accuracy issues. I personally have found that the FPS games I have played have worked excellently and precisely with this mouse, so I think it is all a matter of gaming mouse 2019

SteelSeries Sensei Laser

One thing that I enjoy about the SteelSeries Sensei Laser is the fact that I was able to select the kind of material that I wanted for my mouse. second best gaming mouse 2019This is important, as every individual gamer has his or her own preferences. When I am comfortable, I tend to perform at my best, and I am sure the same can be said for other gamers. This mouse allowed me to pick between a smooth mouse with a glossy finish that performs well and feels great against my hand and a rubberized, anti-sweat texture that I find I prefer as it not only gives me better grip but simply provides an overall better feel in general.

The SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse has a neat light up feature. I can illuminate the scroll wheel, the SteelSeries logo, and the CPI indicator. Or, if I so choose, I can just turn the lights off altogether if I do not want any sort of flashy distraction while gaming. If I want the lights on, I get the option of choosing from several modes of operation including slow, medium, and fast pace pulsing of solid colors. I can also choose the intensity of the colored lighting from a selection of low, medium and high settings. I find that this gives me the impression that it might be the top gaming mouse considering you can customize how the exterior looks.

Another great aspect of the SteelSeries Sensei Laser is the ability to toggle the CPI on my mouse. This lets me adjust the sensitivity completely at my discretion without ever forcing me to have to stop playing the game in order to access in-game menus. steelseries gaming mouseAll I have to do is choose the sensitivity setting quickly and efficiently using the buttons, and then I am ready to keep gaming. It is also worth mentioning that the SteelSeries Sensei comes with a scalable pointer speed ranging from an impressive 90 up to 5,670. I can adjust it in increments of 90, allowing me to choose my exact precision all of the time. This is a feature that is seriously unique and totally comes in handy.

I love the fact that the Sensei allows me utter control over my gaming experience. This mouse, with its SteelSeries Engine software, lets me record advanced macros onto the mouse itself. The macros can even be layered on top of one another and can include timing and precise keystrokes. This means that I can double up the controls and have it where there is a single mouse button that performs both keyboard strokes and mouse clicks all at once. No more fumbling to try and perform the correct combination of keyboard hits and mouse clicks to get the results I want; this mouse essentially does it all for me, providing me with more efficient gameplay and giving me an excellent competitive edge. Truly, the SteelSeries Sensei gives me endless possibilities when it comes to programming it.

Finally, I want to point out that the SteelSeries Sensei Laser is insanely durable. I tend to use my gaming mice rather roughly and for long hours at a time, often leaving me to wonder if I am going to cause the mouse to lose function prematurely. With this mouse, I do not have to worry that my enthusiasm is going to damage it in any way. Instead, its improved durability, coupled with its tangle-free, double-braided nylon cord makes it so that I can go for hours without having to frustratingly unwind my mouse or fix the buttons that have gotten stuck. This is a totally efficient design.

  • Braided nylon cord
  • Choice between rubberized, anti-sweat coating or a sleek, glossy finish
  • Endless programmable, overlapping macros for greater efficiency
  • Impressive and unique scroll pointer speed
  • Lights up in several different modes; lights can also be turned off completely
  • Ultra durable and reliable

  • Usage with Mac OS. I have seen various complaints that the SteelSeries Sensei does not perform well on a Mac device. I know that some gamers often have trouble playing games on a Mac, so this does not come as a surprise to me at all. With that point stated, I have personally tried it on a friend of mine’s Mac and it worked well enough, so I would not let this deter a Mac user.gaming mouse best

Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA

I’ve found that the most helpful types of gaming mice are the ones that are mechanical. razer naga hex gaming mouseThey ensure that I never have to second guess whether or not I clicked my mouse due to the sturdy feel and the audible clicking sound. The Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA is a fully mechanical mouse, from its mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons right down to the 7-button thumb grid that I will touch upon in just a moment. In the middle of these buttons, there is a rubberized thumb grip that not only orients my fingers in respect to the rest of the buttons but also helps me get a good handle on the mouse itself. I never have to try and figure out if I am touching the right button with its clearly defined clicking sounds. This mouse has also been made specifically for MOBA gamers and you can definitely feel that professional level quality just holding it in your hand. The precision in the game speaks for itself as well.

The Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA comes with 7 unique buttons in a circle on the left side of the mouse, directly beneath where my thumb rests while playing to ensure accurate and simple access to each key. Each of these buttons comes complete with the ability to program them virtually any way you would like. This especially comes in handy with role-playing games as I can assign each button to a certain skill that one of my characters has, engage communication functions, or create an action to perform and then access it instantly instead of having to employ a fast and accurate keyboard combination each time. Layering the commands is simple as well for fantastically efficient and fast gameplay. These buttons have definitely made me a more efficient gamer. third best gaming mouse 2019I would also like to mention that with the Razer Naga Hex V2, I can program entire gaming profiles so that I can simply load up a game, press the corresponding button that matches the said profile and begin gaming right away.

Why this qualifies as a top 10 gaming mice

The Razer Naga Hex V2 has very clearly been designed to ensure the utmost comfort of the gamer. No matter how I tend to hold the mouse, it is always exceptionally comfortably. It contours to the shape of my hand, leaving me with a solid grip that helps me perform at my best. I often play for long hours and have experienced no strain on my fingers or wrist, and there are no hand cramps to speak of, either. This gaming mouse never slips out of my grasp and may perhaps rank as the best MOBA mouse for my own personal comfort. I am confident that whatever way you hold your mouse, you will enjoy the comfort that the Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA Mouse brings as well.

Razer mouse software

Something really cool about the Razer Naga Hex V2 MOBA is that it is almost totally customizable, not only in terms of the previously mentioned programmable buttons but in the way that I have complete control over the way it looks, right down to the colors that the mouse lights up in. I can pick from a wide range of hues spanning an impressive 16.8 million colors. I usually change it every couple of days just to keep the mouse looking exciting and refreshing. The lights also come with the ability to shine in a number of different ways, including a spectrum action that cycles through the millions of colors, a breathing function that pulses a set color around every seven seconds, a reactive setting that lights up in response to my movements and finally a static function that simply lights up the entire mouse until I decide to turn it off.

  • 16.8 million colors and 4 unique settings in which to light up the mouse
  • 7 programmable buttons beneath where the thumb naturally rests
  • Extremely ergonomic
  • Mechanical mouse that helps prevent misclicks
  • Rubber grip for orientation of finger placement and total control of mouse movement
  • Tactile scroll wheel

  • Price. The Razer Naga Hex V2 comes with a price point that is moderate in terms of what usual gaming mice might run. I would hardly call it expensive, but for those who are mindful of their budgets, this may pose a concern. That said, for the virtually limitless customization options, improved ergonomic feel, and its sleek, mechanical design, it is worth it to me.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

A lot of gamers I know have a common fear about wireless mice: they lag. Personally, I have used a few different wireless mice and have seen that only to be true of a few instances out of them all. That said, if you are one to worry about buying a wireless mouse because of its potential to lag, fear not when it comes to the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum. This mouse is a professional grade device that has been designed to be ultra-fast when used wirelessly. True to its claim, I have noticed no lag! When used wirelessly, this impressive mouse has a battery life that spans up to 30 hours of use by using a clock tuning technology designed to save battery life. This has proven to last me for at least a weekend of 6-8 hours of non-stop gaming. When it is time for a charge, this mouse alerts me so that it won’t simply die in the middle of combat, which is great.

Logitech Gaming Mouse features

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum can also be used as a wired mouse. The transition between wireless and wired is seamless. So smooth is the transition that I can plug it in, in the middle of the game without it stopping short or losing power on me. If the battery life alert goes off before I expected it to, I can simply hurry and plug in the wire and be back in the action in no time. This might be the best wireless mouse when it comes to versatility for that reason.

Another great feature of the Logitech G900 is that it has a PMW3366 Optical Gaming Sensor that gives me incredible tracking precision. This mechanism is renowned by eSports athletes, a few of which have been known to call it one of the best, if not the best, gaming mouse sensor. This gaming mouse also can reach anywhere between 200 and 12,000 DPI making this the best wireless gaming mouse. It does this by employing zero smoothing or filtering that gives me incredible responsiveness and utter control, no matter what sensitivity that I have it set at. It also features a super fast 1-millisecond report rate, regardless of whether or not I am using it as a wired or wireless mouse. It is also incredibly lightweight, allowing for competitive levels of twitch targeting.

One of the most interesting things about the G900 Chaos Spectrum is that it has a pivot button design. This features a metal spring that provides optimum levels of tension while working with the metal pivot hinge design to give me consistent, quick, precise and reliable performance while also giving that crisp mechanical feel, especially great for rapid firing in first-person shooter games, I’ve noticed.

Finally, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum allows me to light it up by choosing from an assortment of an impressive 16.8 million colors. I can also choose its brightness, breathing patterns and other settings to truly make it a personalized mouse. I love this function because I can have it light up to match the rest of my computer set up, the decor in my room or simply pick a different color every day to keep my mouse looking new and exciting. There is even a sleep function that lets me shut off the lights when I am not using it as to further save battery. This also stops an annoying glare when I am trying to get some rest myself.

  • 16.8 million colors to light up the mouse
  • A range of 200 – 12,000 DPI
  • Can work as either a wired mouse or a wireless mouse
  • Enters sleep mode when inactive
  • No smoothing or filtering
  • Pivot button design for optimal levels of tension
  • Quick twitch-target action
  • Seamless transition from wired to wireless mouse
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Ultra long battery life; 30 hours on one charge when used wirelessly

  • Operating system compatibility. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum seems to work best with Windows 7 and later. That said, Mac users might be able to enjoy it just fine, as I have personally tested it, but it is going to deliver the best performance possible on a Windows operating system.gaming mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

One of the things that I found super unique and helpful about the Logitech G502 Proteus Core is the fact that I am able to completely calibrate the optical sensor! This is wonderful because it allows me to get the best performance possible. It helps me when I want to change mouse pads because, of course, not every pad is going to be created equally. The ability to customize the sensor gives me full control of my environment, and not just in the game, which is something that I do not see very often. This gives me the chance to achieve total control over my accuracy and the responsiveness in regards to how quickly my mouse’s movement translates to the screen I’m playing on. If I am over at a friend’s house playing and don’t have the right mouse pad or a mouse pad at all, I can tweak the settings in order to make the most of my surroundings in only a few seconds time.

Another really unique aspect of the Logitech G502 Proteus Core is that I am able to adjust the weight exactly how I want it. The center of balance can be changed as well in order to allow me to play in the most comfortable and personalized way. The Logitech G502 has five 3.6-gram weights that I can insert or remove to adjust its weight and the center of balance by choosing exactly where I want to place them in the mouse. This has definitely given me quite the competitive edge, allowing me to game without the mouse wanting to resist the push of my hand because it is too heavy or move more quickly than I had intended because it is too light.

Best affordable gaming mouse

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core also features an impressive selection of 11 buttons that are completely programmable. This is made possible through its 32-bit ARM processor that control’s the Logitech G502’s onboard memory. Through this, I can choose to set up one-button commands to execute any action at seriously impressive, lightning-fast speeds. I am also able to create more intricate commands, programming in keystroke combination or keystroke-and-mouse combinations–truly, any intricate command I can think of, this mouse lets me use with just a click of a button, making me so much more efficient and time-effective.

The G502 Proteus Core lets me completely adjust my sensitivity levels, too! I’m starting to wonder if there is anything on this mouse that I cannot customize at this point. Through this gaming mouse, I can cycle through five separate DPI settings that range from 200 to 12,000. I can even make a temporary downshift while playing a first-person shooter if I want to engage the scope on a rifle or snipe in general. Then, when I have taken out my target, I can jump right back to its usual sensitivity.

The last thing I want to talk about when it comes to the fantastically designed Logitech G502 is the scroll wheel. I’m not sure I have ever used one that moves so quickly! It is hyper-fast and enhances click-to-click accuracy in the game. It also allows me to switch between weapons, skills and other settings in a mere second, helping me to become more efficient as well. As a side note, when browsing the web, this scroll wheel also affords me insane speeds while scrolling through long web pages like forums and gaming guides.

  • 11 uniquely programmable buttons that can take on both intricate macros and single-action execution alike
  • 3.6 gram adjustable weights for changing the overall weight of the mouse and the center of balance
  • Blazing fast DPI adjustments ranging from 200-12,000
  • Complete calibration and control of the optical sensor
  • Ridiculously fast scroll wheel for swift weapon switching and more
  • Works with any texture of mouse pad or table once it has been tuned

  • Large hand incompatibility. There have been a few online reviews that I have seen that state that the Logitech G502 is not comfortable for exceptionally large hands. Reports indicate that their pinky finger tends to hang off of the side, but I have personally had no such issue with this mouse and my hands are definitely what I would consider large. I think it will vary, but it is likely that you will have a good chance of fitting the mouse well, gaming

Redragon M601 Centrophorus

Just like not every gaming mouse is made the same, not every gamer has the same preferences when it comes to their gaming styles. This company has created a gaming mouse that has great control over almost every aspect of it–even the weight, which I will touch on in a second–and it really makes for a great gaming experience. This gaming mouse has an adjustable DPI built right into it that can go up to a nice 2,000 rating. This allows me to adjust my sensitivity to my exact liking, making it so that I can change it up depending on the game because not every game is created equal, either. It also gives me an impressive 4,000 frames per second for a smooth gaming experience and is completed by a 15G acceleration. It has six buttons with two programmable side buttons that come included, letting me install my most used macros onto it for even greater efficiency. Worth mentioning is the fact that it also comes with an anti-skid scrolling wheel.

As I mentioned, the Redragon M601 has the ability to fine-tune the physical weight of the mouse. The mouse weighs around 2.4 grams on its own, which is nice and lightweight if you prefer it that way. I enjoy having a bit of weight on my mouse personally. This awesome mouse comes with an eight-piece weight set that allows me to insert and remove weights until I can find the perfect balance for my preferred style of gameplay. I like this because it puts me in total control and does not allow the mouse to move of its own accord, so to speak. Gone are the days of a mouse that is too light slipping out of my hand, or a mouse that is too heavy refusing to move the proper way when it counts the most. Thanks to this level of control, with the Redragon M601, I seem to have a competitive edge over every aspect of the game.

The Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS also has a wonderful overall construction and there’s a reason it’s our best budget gaming mouse. On top of looking incredibly sleek and stylish, this mouse is made into a smooth, contoured body that sits perfectly inside of my palm and feels great against my fingers. Having a well-made mouse whose quality you can feel right away is super important to me and it helps me know that it is going to last for countless hours of game time. The body of this mouse is made out of top-quality ABS plastic and comes with ultra-smooth, gliding Teflon feet. This ensures a smooth roll over any mousepad and so far, over most surfaces such as metal and wood. Completing the look of the Redragon M601 is a red backlight that adds a gorgeous finishing touch.

Finally, the M601 comes with an ultra long cord which is great for my intricate setup. The cord is super high strength and feels as if I could pull it on either end with all of my might without anything happening to it. Measuring an impressive 6 feet, the cord on the Redragon M601 is made from a braided fiber cable. This cable seems to promise that no matter how often I use the mouse, drag it around behind the computer or on top of the desk, it is not going to fray or thin out anywhere along its length.

  • 4,000 frames per second
  • 6 foot, durably braided fiber cable
  • Adjustable DPI up to 2,000
  • Anti-skid scroll wheel
  • Lightweight, but comes with 8 additional weights for tailoring it to your needs
  • Red backlight
  • Six buttons
  • Sleek, high-quality ABS plastic body
  • Teflon feet
  • Two programmable buttons

  • Compatibility. It seems that the Redragon CENTROPHORUS might only be compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Most gamers, I have noticed, prefer to game on a Windows machine opposed to a Macintosh, especially because of the number of games that are available to PC users opposed to Mac users; therefore, this would not be an issue for most people.

Razer Naga Chroma

The Razer Naga Chroma has certainly been designed for use with MMO/RPG games. It comes with a striking set of 12 mechanical buttons arranged along the area where my thumb naturally falls so that accessing them is as natural as holding the rest of the mouse. This provides the same tactile feel that comes along with my mechanical keyboard, translating that clicking sound and feel straight to my mouse for a more streamlined gaming experience. The shape of this grid is slightly concave, letting each button be clearly definable so that I am never second-guessing which button it is that I am touching at any given time. This lets me keep my eyes on the screen. Instead of searching out the button I want to use visually, I can instead find it with the tip of my finger instinctively. The Razer Naga Chroma also comes with a really unique scroll wheel. It goes left, right, up and down alongside its normal scrolling capabilities that let me have even more programmable buttons than ever before. This leads me to the next point that I’d like to talk about.

Being someone who plays a lot of MMOs and general RPGs, having control over even the most intricate aspects of my game makes me a better player. The Razer Naga features 19 individually programmable buttons. Several of these can be found in that scroll wheel, while as stated, 12 are arranged in a sincerely natural placement along the area where my thumb will naturally rest against it. These 19 buttons can be programmed essentially any way that I want them to be, from a single executable action to keyboard and mouse combinations that make accessing macros simpler than ever before. I like to use it for my skills in my favorite MMOs and shifting between a number of my primary weapons. The thumb grid can even be displayed in-game so that I am certain of what button I want to hit every time.

One of the more fascinating features of the Naga Chroma is its included lighting. This mouse uses Chroma Lighting, allowing me color choices from an expansive 16.8 million selections. I can pick my favorite colors, program it to light up in my guild colors or choose any combination up to an impressive 37 colors. I can light up both the thumb grid and the scroll wheel alike, choosing different colors for each aspect of the mouse.

The Razer Naga Chroma also supports inter-device synchronization. This means that the mouse comes with an open SDK that lets game developers access the array of lighting options available, synchronizing these advanced light settings with the in-game light alerts or general actions. It makes it a more immersive experience for me and I definitely think it makes it the best MMO style gaming mouse in terms of immersion.

Finally, the Razer Naga Chroma is ultra ergonomic, making it the best MMO mouse. Made entirely for use by gamers who spend a lot of time gripping a mouse, this gaming mouse has a truly one-size-fits-all ergonomic design. It is beautifully sized and promises a perfect fit. I love using it, and a few of my friends have tested it out, too, most of which have varying hand sizes. Each one has been pleased with the overall feel of the Naga Chroma MMO Mouse, supporting that earlier claim of universal comfort.

  • 12 concave, tactile buttons arranged in a grid where the thumb naturally falls
  • 16.8 million colors to light up the mouse
  • 19 programmable buttons
  • One size fits all
  • Sleek design
  • Special programming that allows game developers to include in-game light functions for an immersive gaming experience
  • Super ergonomic
  • Tilt-scroll wheel

  • Software. Upon researching the Razer Naga Chroma for myself before deciding to review it personally, I have noticed a few users of this mouse note that it will not work without the included software. This was a common gripe among reviewers, but I do not see what the problem is. If you want the mouse to have its integrated developer-ready lights to work as they should, it makes sense that there will need to be a bit of installation in order to connect the mouse to the in-game mechanisms that allow for such immersive properties to happen. Installing the software took no time at all and truly made this mouse more incredible than it would have been without it.

SteelSeries Rival 700

The SteelSeries Rival 700 comes with a neat feature that I can’t say I have seen on many other models of gaming mice. It has an OLED display that can show pretty much anything that you want it to. While waiting to respawn or simply hanging out in between rounds, it can show my kill/death ratio, headshot percentage, accuracy level, and an assortment of other handy in-game stats. I can even input your own information in regards to what you want it to say, including my gamer name, guild name, or any other information that keeps me hyped. The SteelSeries Rival 700 even lets me upload GIFs, which is seriously awesome. Also included in the OLED display is the ability to change and keep track of my sensitivities, letting me switch up which sensitivity level goes with each game, or even which sensitivities I have assigned to unique weapons, making me incredibly efficient during a match. I can also change my profiles and key binds, all without having to install any sort of software.

The SteelSeries Rival 700 comes with built-in alerts that notify me of in-game actions. It vibrates according to how I have chosen to customize it. Options include changing up the vibration patterns, how long the vibration lasts, certain in-game alerts, and triggers such as being shot or stunned. For instance, I chose to have it work where if I get stunned and cannot move, the SteelSeries Rival 700 will vibrate for the duration of my incapacitation. This way, I can get back in the action as soon as the stun period is over and not a second after! These alerts can be directed in a number of different ways. The tactile responses have automatically been set to vibrate in the dead center of the mouse so that I feel it throughout my entire hand very clearly. With the vibrations only moving up and down my hand instead of moving in a left to right motion, these alerts will never inhibit the tracking of my mouse so that it does not affect my precise aiming.

The SteelSeries Rival 700 has a super, sleek style that is not overly flashy like some other models of gaming mice, making it perhaps the most powerful fps mouse for those who want all of the superior function that gaming mice provide without any of the extras. It is incredibly ergonomic and contours excellently to my hand. Its super smooth feel does not distract me, and all of the friends that have played with this mouse since I purchased it have all agreed that it also fits nicely in their palms, and each of us tend to hold our gaming mice a bit differently than the next person. The SteelSeries Rival 700 also comes with a striking Prism RGB illumination that allows for just a hint of style without taking away from its calm and subtle appearance, which I enjoy.

Finally, the SteelSeries Rival 700 features two interchangeable cables to make it our best fps gaming mouse. Those who game on a desktop computer are going to need a cord that is longer and can extend from the mouse to its connector, while gamers who use a gaming laptop are going to want something much shorter that will not get in the way of the mouse’s movement. I found this to be a very thoughtful feature. It comes with modular top covers, too, allowing me to change them out and pick between different materials while even allowing me the option of different designs should I so choose.

While on the subject of interchangeable designs, it is certainly worth mentioning that the SteelSeries Rival 700 comes standard with a Pixart 3360 sensor that delivers one of the most accurate tracking experiences I have ever enjoyed. This company also offers the ability to swap out the sensors if I wanted to use something else, but those are sold separately. I love that this feature is included at all so that gamers everywhere can get the most out of their experiences.

  • Changeable sensitivities
  • Customizable tactile responses
  • Interchangeable cords, sensors and top covers
  • OLED Screen able to fit any type of data
  • Prism RBG Lights

  • Price. The SteelSeries Rival 700 happens to be one of the more expensive gaming mice out there, but it is not outrageous. This moderately priced gaming mouse might throw some off of wanting to purchase it, but I believe it is worth the money. Its interchangeable parts make it so I can feel like I am getting a new mouse every so often by changing up how it looks, and the other customizable options are truly out of this world. Worth every penny.

Final Verdict

I choose the:

Razer DeathAdder Elite

as the best gaming mouse! I loved its incredible array of DPI selections and its 99.4 percent accuracy that is simply incomparable to anything else. This mechanical mouse is ergonomic, and its tactile scroll wheel is simple to control. I love its assortment of programmable buttons, and it can outlast up to 50 million clicks. I definitely recommend this to the gamer who is serious about getting the most efficient game play she or he can.



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