Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse Review

You’re playing your favorite games online, but you’re going to need a mouse that can complement your play style. Each user has different hand positions (palm, claw, fingertips), making it difficult to find a mouse without some good research.

Video games are supposed to be enjoyable. By having a gaming mouse, you reduce the stress on your body and continue playing. So you’re going to need a gaming mouse to help you keep your body aligned and playing more effectively.

So, we’ve decided to help you out. Instead of taking that time researching for the “best” gaming mouse, we invite you to learn more about the Corsair Harpoon. After that, it is up to you to decide if this gaming mouse suits your preferences.


  • Six programmable buttons
  • Textured rubber side
  • 6000 DPI
  • Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor
  • Contoured Design


On the front of the Harpoon is the Corsair logo. It’s light with RGB colors and creates the lighting zone of the mouse. The colors are bold and specific, making them good for those who want a vivid gaming device.

Placed on top of the Corsair Harpoon is a DPI switch. left/right clicks, and rubberized wheels. The scroll wheel provides a satisfying click and smooth scrolling. These additional features make it easier for users to maneuver the mouse and customize its precision.

Even better, the Corsair Harpoon has a customizable Lighting setting. It allows you to adjust the pattern and the color of the Corsair logo. When you change to a DPI setting, the color will flash to show you what setting you’re using.

And the Harpoon has an enhanced memory system. It allows you to create and store profiles for different games. corsair harpoon gaming mouse reviewThus, making it a good option if you’re a marathon gamer playing multiple titles a session.

You can customize your Harpoon via its CUE Software. The options allow you to change the RGB lighting and button mappings. The CUE Software allows for complex macros to be placed on an individual button.

The CUE Software allows users to select up to 5 custom DPI settings (200-6,000 DPI). You’re able to toggle it through one button of the mouse. Gamers get the best worlds as this mouse has a Sniper setting for intensive aiming situations.

This is one durable gaming mouse. The Corsair Harpoon is designed to last for 20 million clicks. Users like this feature as it reduces the need to buy replacements. So you don’t have to worry about your mouse failing out of your on your next Overwatch match.

Weighing at around 95g, the Corsair Harpoon was the lightest mice in its series. The build quality is strong, as it has a firm plastic design that doesn’t show any signs of weaknesses. For users with smaller hands, this compact gaming will have you covered.

All sides of the Harpoon is covered by a large textured pad, and this increases the grip of the mouse. There are two other buttons that are placed on the left side, found in the previous layout. It can be reassigned to different software if needed.

corsair harpoonAs advertised, the Corsair Harpoon is a right-handed mouse. The mouse has a pleasing curve that fits the user’s palm. The rounded shape and height gives it a natural grip for palm and claw grippers.

Also, the Harpoon has six programmable buttons. Placed on the top are the left and right buttons, DPI settings placed behind the scrolling wheel. The side buttons are placed above the thumb rests – they are accessible and can be placed at rest when not needed.

When you flip the mouse over, you’ll see that it uses unbranded Teflon. It’s placed on the feet on the mouse and is in the corners of the device. The optical sensor is placed in the center. It has a silicon cable, which has a custom USB header and has a braided cable.

We like the Harpoon’s responsive tracking, with predictable and accurate cursor control through medium-to-long distances. There are some gaps in its “pinpoint accuracy,” but it’s barely noticeable for day-to-day web browsing.

  • Lightweight
  • Onboard Memory
  • Grips Well

  • Non braided cable
  • Slow tracking speed

Corsair Harpoon


We believe that the Corsair Harpoon is a great budget gaming mouse. It functions not only as a general purpose browsing mouse, but it also can be used for high-end FPS games. So give it a shot if you’re ready to make your gaming experience more fulfilling.


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