Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse Review

Nowadays, when a gaming mouse is going through a lot of advancements and competitors are endeavoring to make their products more distinctive than others, Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse has truly epitomized the phrase, “Keep it simple.” This mouse is packed with all the attributes of the best gaming mouse like exclusive material and appropriate software, and all of this is available for a reasonable price. Yet, it looks like a standard PC mouse with an appealing design similar to the Abyssus.

Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse, 8000 DPI, Backlit Red
List Price: $39.99
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Corsair’s KATAR Gaming Mouse is a wired, two-color mouse with a beautifully positioned illuminated logo on the rear back and the name of the brand on the verge of the left-click button. It owns an entire plastic yet solid overlay. It has a lightweight design which weighs only 85 grams, making it completely effortless to move it around.

It is a compact mouse and possesses an average size, but that doesn’t stop users with wide hands to use it for gaming. Large-handed users can conveniently use this mouse with its hybrid grip. Besides, the small triangular pattern on both sides of the mouse and the rubberized plastic on the upper part make gripping extremely comfortable and firm. Moreover, with its lower DPI settings, it satisfies user’s requirements to move freely and without friction over wide-ranging movement areas.


This mouse has a Pro Player mode, which allows users to get benefits from its tuning settings and pre-configured performance that is employed by the world’s best players. This mode permits you to play games professionally without years of practice. If you still want to play in your own way, there are four entirely programmable buttons which let you remap anything from simple to complicated multi-stage macros through extensive customization.

Since it is a wired mouse, it is connected through a USB connector to your PC. The USB connector has a unique black and yellow design, which can be located quickly without any struggle in a cluster of plugged-in wires. Its distinctive design makes the connector stand out of the crowd and easier to hold, pull in, and pull out.


Its on-the-fly DPI tuning permits you to change the speed of the mouse immediately according to the situation of the game you are playing for complete control. As it has a light weight, it provides smoothness and faster actions during the gameplay. Besides, the most important attribute that a person who loves to play games wants is speed. The speedier your mouse is, the greater chances you have to win games.

Due to its zero lag interface, it provides an imperceptible delay which means a smooth and continuous play with no distractions, not even for a millisecond. Furthermore, its ambidextrous shape enhances and optimizes the rubber textured side grips, which makes it convenient for both right-handed and left-handed players to hold and move it.

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