Corsair Sabre Gaming Mouse Review

The optical gaming mouse is again becoming popular in the PC gaming industry. There are multitudinous optical mice available in the market, but what makes the Corsair Sabre mouse outstanding is the fact that it includes all the latest attributes of a high-end gaming mouse, whilst still maintaining a price tag much cheaper than competitors such as the Mamba.


The Sabre optical gaming mouse is incredibly light, weighing only 100 grams. Corsair has screened each and every component of the mouse for weight minimization without decreasing its quality and performance. Since a large mouse doesn’t help much in a smooth play and cause fatigue over lengthy gaming sessions, Corsair has eliminated unnecessary parts like the front segment of the scroll wheel to keep the weight down. It also gives the mouse a sharp and modern look.

The entire overlay of the mouse is laminated in a soft-rubber touch material. There are no heavy-coated or textured segments on the sides, yet this mouse is not at all slippery. It is pleasant to hold and provides a firm grip. Not just holding it, but gliding it around feels very smooth and effortless because it consists of a sequence of PTFE feet.

Through its varicolored DPI indicator and 6,400 OPI optical sensors, it gives highly accurate smart tracking, which makes your every click counts. Through its multicolor indicator, you will know by just a glimpse which colored button will assist you with your next move, and you will react quicker.


It has eight programmable buttons which are fully customizable so that you can easily set and map the DPI sequence and colors of buttons according to your choice by using the CUE. It acts as an intuitive add-on of your hand and helps respond faster. Moreover, it has a 1,000 Hz USB refresh rate which provides a dawdle-free responsiveness, which allows you to be faster to keep up with your speediest gameplays.

This mouse supports both palm-style and claw-style grips, depending on the size of your hands, and is aimed towards right-handed users. It has a braided fiber USB cable of 1.8 meters, which is attached in such a way that aids in reducing cable drag and doesn’t influence your gameplay adversely.


Corsair’s Sabre optical mouse’s lightweight structure and large PTFE feet make maneuvering smooth and easy during long gaming sessions, and your hand won’t feel tired at all.

A noteworthy and remarkable point of the Sabre optical mouse is the high-class buttons that can work without putting any excessive force and can supply pleasing tactile feedback. The availability of additional macro buttons helps you switch the game mode conveniently and make your gaming experience significantly better. Also, its soft touch makes it comfortable to use and provide a lag-free battlefield encounter.

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Corsair’s gaming mouse is overall satisfactory and provides excellent and lag-free performance. If you’re a hardcore gamer, this mouse will be sufficient for your gaming requirements. Its comfort, high quality, functionality, and performance make it a justifiable product for its price.


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