Fnatic Gear Clutch Ergonomic Pro Gaming Mouse Review

One of the biggest problems a gamer might face is in dealing with PC equipment that will cause trouble to their body parts if used for a long time. Hence, gamers are on the constant lookout for equipment that allows them to place their hands comfortably and use it in the best possible way so that it does not cause any injury.

Finding such gaming equipment for a computer is not easy, and manufacturers are constantly looking towards developing products that are durable and ergonomic. One such design includes the Fnatic Gear Clutch Ergonomic Pro Gaming Mouse. You will find this mouse to be a great product to use if you are a hardcore gamer who also wants a product that will allow practical use.

Fnatic Gear Clutch Review

Design and Features

Starting off the Fnatic Gear Clutch Ergonomic Pro Gaming Mouse review, if you are looking for a mouse that you can use for professional-level gaming or even for a computer gaming competition, you don’t need to look further than the Fnatic Gear Clutch Ergonomic Pro Gaming Mouse. The mouse has been built for the sole purpose of gaming with the help of eSports players to ensure that it could be used in any professional gaming competition. The pro players know best, so their knowledge and help have played an integral role in the development of the product.

The mouse comes with a three-step DPI indicator whose sole purpose is to utilize the incredibly accurate and fast 3310 optical sensors. The clutch G1 of the mouse has been designed with precision to ensure a gamer does not misclick during a game. The mouse also comes with backlighting whose color can be chosen by the users. It offers an extensive range of colors, namely 16.8 million colors. There are seven buttons on the mouse, and they have been positioned such that your hand can easily grip the mouse and push the buttons without getting them confused. The best part about the mouse is that it gives its users both sleekness and comfort.


Performance and Quality

The quality and performance of the mouse have carefully been measured by professional players during the development phase. This has ensured that the mouse performs with reliability and is made up of quality material, which makes it durable and sturdy. The mouse is known to be highly accurate and fast. This means that gamers will never be able to click at the wrong position again and will allow the player precision and perfection during the game. It is also said to be one of the best mice to use during a competition as it is great to use.



  • Has been built with the help of eSports professional players
  • Is known for its speed and accuracy
  • Is one of the best mice to use for a professional competition
  • Comes with 16.8 million colors to allow for customization


  • Beginners may find the speed of the mouse a little difficult to control
  • The buttons might seem a little small to some people


Fnatic Gear Clutch
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


Fnatic Gear may be new in the gaming peripheral market, however they are not new in the eSports scene. Boasting some of the best eSports teams around, Fnatic is very well known and produces some of the best results, therefore we can only conclude their gear does the same. This mouse performs exceptionally well and does everything it says on the box, we cannot recommend it more.


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