Gigabyte GM-M6800 Gaming Mouse Review

The M6800 is a laser mouse manufactured by Gigabyte, created with wired USB technology. Although it’s targeted specifically towards gaming enthusiasts, it is claimed that the mouse is also suitable for users with regular, desktop work. It is cost effective as well at a price of $13.40. This makes it one of the best gaming mice available in the market. It is closely related to the GM-Force M7 and the Interceptor DS200.


Given a metal black finish, the M6800 laser mouse weighs 93 grams. Its dimension specifics include a height of 42 millimeters, a length of 127 millimeters, and a width of 75 millimeters. It is quite large compared to other models. The body of the mouse is made of plastic with rubberized grips included on the side. Its shape, although ergonomic, is most suitable for right-handed players.

There is a default mouse wheel on the top. Although the overall quality of the device is good, the wheel jiggles a little and often users find that it requires more effort when clicking.

There are six buttons in total. Three buttons are the standard ones for the left, right, and middle. Out of the remaining three buttons, one has been positioned underneath the button in the middle. This is used to change the dots per inch (DPI) level of the mouse, from 800 to 1600. The remainder two buttons are found on the left side of the device. These can be programmed to fit the user’s needs, but by default, they are set to perform forward and backward navigation tasks when surfing the internet.


Gigabyte’s GM-M6800 gaming mouse comes with many remarkable features. One of the key features is the dual-lens tracking technology that is embedded in the system. This gives the device an edge in its tracking capability and helps it perform better. Through this technology, the GM-M6800 model gaming mouse is able to work on almost all surfaces.

Another key feature is that the mouse allows the user to quickly adjust the dots per inch (DPI) level with just one press of a button.

Moreover, it includes a feet pad made out of extremely smooth Teflon. It is specifically designed to fit the needs of gamers who require more accuracy and the freedom to move their hands quickly.


Users find that the anti-slip rubber grips of the device are useful in maintaining a firm grip. They also help lessen the chances of straining one’s wrists while gaming for long hours and thus, provide maximum comfort. Some users, however, have criticized its usefulness for regular work, claiming that it is overly sensitive. Moreover, there have been complaints about the mouse cord being shorter and a bit hard to work with.

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Gigabyte GM-M6800
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On average, despite the few complaints, Gigabyte seems to have done an excellent job in creating a device that fits the needs of both regular users and gamers. Perhaps, its biggest selling point is the combination of a low price and good features in one device.


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