Gigabyte GM-M6980X Gaming Mouse Review

These days, you cannot accomplish much of your work without making use of computers. If you are an ardent fan of gaming, you are likely to spend hours on the computer. For the purpose of gaming, it is important that your equipment works in an optimal manner and offers impressive performance. The mouse is one of the essential equipment that you need for gaming. There are quite a few features that you need to look for when it comes to a gaming mouse.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse, there are various options available on the market such as the Gigabyte Pro Laser 5600 DPI mouse. This is a gaming mouse that would not let you down and provide you with just the kind of results that you are looking for.

Gigabyte Pro Laser 5600 DPI Mouse (GM-M6980X)
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This gaming mouse manages to impress you right from the moment you set your eyes on it. It has been provided with an ergonomic feel, and you would not face any trouble in handling it. The nonstick coating makes it all the more convenient to use. You will find that the mouse is easy to grip and quite comfortable to play with. You can use it for long hours without any problem. The anti-slick rubber grip is another impressive quality that the device has been provided with.


There are quite a few impressive features that this DPI mouse has been equipped with. It is powered by 6000 DPI, thereby making it an advanced gaming laser sensor. With the built-in GHOST Macro Engine, this mouse ensures that you are able to play in a smooth manner. It has also been provided with a 4-direction tilt wheel along with 3 stage DPI adjustment. The mouse is also equipped with an ultra-durable USB cable, and the gaming grade feet pads are another impressive feature.


Quality has been maintained to the highest standards in this mouse. You will find that quite a bit of attention has been paid to ensure you are provided with comfort and ease. The mouse is one that you would be able to make use of for a long time. It would not let you down on account of durability. Its performance is impressive and would not give you a reason to complain.

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Gigabyte GM-M6980X
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All in all, it is one of those gaming mice that would provide you with the gaming experience that you are looking for. Purchasing this mouse would not be a decision that you would come to regret. People who have used it have praised it to the skies. Thus, you can be confident that there is no reason for you to be worried. You would get what you are looking for with this mouse. Everything from the design to the features and performance is impressive. It is apparent that meticulous attention to the details has been paid.


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