Gigabyte XTREME GM-XM300 Gaming Mouse Review

The requirements that gamers have with mouse and keyboard are quite different from those who intend to use the equipment for regular purposes. There are certain features that gamers tend to look for. It is not easy to find a gaming mouse that would provide you with the results that you are looking for. You need to pay attention to the features it offers, the design it has been provided with, the performance it exhibits and the quality that it maintains. There are quite a few options available on the market. This Gigabyte XTREME Gaming Mouse is one of them. This is one of those gaming mice that would ensure you do not have to regret your decision.

Gigabyte XTREME Gaming Mouse (GM-XM300)
List Price: $32.18
Price: $29.27
You Save: $2.91
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One look at this mouse would be enough to tell you that attention has been paid to ensure you can use it in a comfortable manner. It has been provided with an ergonomic design so that you would not face any trouble in handling it. Gripping it is easy and you will find that you can use it for long hours with a lot of ease.


This mouse has been equipped with a plethora of impressive features. All the features aim to provide you with a smooth gaming experience. The 6400 DPI optical sensor is an impressive feature and the 16.8M customizable lighting makes using it all the more convenient. It has also been provided with a 20 million-click Omron switch along with an adjustable DPI. The macro engine ensures that you are offered with swift response and have no trouble in using it.


This mouse maintains the highest standards of quality. It is durable and you will not face the need to look for an alternative anytime soon. Quite a lot of attention has been paid to ensure that its performance is top notch. You will find it comfortable to use. It is responsive and does not let you down while you are playing.

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