IOGEAR Kaliber GME630 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

Playing your favorite game on the PC means that you need to have the right equipment. There is a lot of computer hardware involved when playing a game on your computer, and that does not only include a computer that is compatible with the game. It also includes a keyboard, headphones and, of course, a mouse.

As the mouse is used more frequently during a game than any other hardware equipment, it is necessary to have a piece that is great performance-wise. Hence, we bring to you the IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming SYMMETRE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse. This mouse is highly recommended by gamers all over the world and is guaranteed to live up to your expectations.

IOGEAR Kaliber GME630 Review

Design and Features

It is reviewed as an excellent piece of equipment as it comes with a lot of features and a great layout. The sleek black mouse comes with a blue LED backlight, which gives it a great look and provides the mouse with a breathing effect which makes it look cool to have as a piece of gaming equipment. The design of the mouse is such that it can be used by beginners and expert gamers alike. One of the most awesome things about it is that it is built in such a way that both right and left handed people can use it easily since the thumb buttons are placed in such a way. The 4000 DPI optical sensor of the mouse makes it highly accurate along with giving it a great speed. It also comes with nine buttons that allow you to tweak and adjust the custom programming software and enable you to add macros.

One of the best features of the mouse is the 64K built-in memory, which allows the mouse to save your games. It also comes with a frame rate of 6,600 FPS, which adds significant value to the mouse and allows the consumer to use it efficiently. This mouse comes with an adjustable report rate of 125/500/1000 Hertz, allowing for high speed and accuracy.


Performance and Quality

The mouse is made from the best material which is both durable and reliable, which means that no matter how roughly you handle it, the mouse will not break easily. It is said to be one of the most accurate and speedy gaming equipment built for the sole purpose of computer gaming. The mouse comes in a great black color, and the blue LED lighting gives it an incredible effect. Ending the IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming SYMMETRE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse review, though we cannot guarantee that the mouse will help you win games, it will certainly add a little fun element to the entire experience.



  • The mouse is very accurate
  • The speed of the mouse allows gamers to maneuver it quickly
  • It comes with a 4000 DPI optical sensor
  • It has nine buttons that allow custom programming
  • Comes with a great blue LED light


  • Some gamers might find the cable length to be a bit restrictive
  • The mouse does not come with a battery option, so you have to connect it to the PC via the cable


IOGEAR Kaliber GME630
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The IOGEAR Kaliber GME630 is an amazingly affordable ambidextrous gaming mouse, with basic features and a simple design its a great beginner gaming mouse.


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