Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech released their brand new G303 Daedalus Apex gaming mouse, a well priced and well built peripheral, which is almost essential for any Gamer to have. The G303 brings in brand new technology from Logitech, built with their Delta Zero technology.

The core construction of the mouse is very well made, and it features some crazy technical specifications. A lot of thought has gone into the mouse from Logitech to create a mouse that is really sought after by gamers.

The comfort of the Mouse

I must say when it comes to comfort, this mouse gets an excellent rating. It has a tapered palm rest and fits perfectly in the hand. It is very easy to switch between different DPI and all the programmable buttons are easily within reach for the user. The mouse is very lightweight as it only weighs 87.03 grams. Overall the mouse is very compact, and the design has clearly been well thought out, so it’s comfortable for gamers.

Technical Aspects of the Mouse

This mouse is truly one of a kind when it comes to the technical side. It utilizes Logitech’s Delta Zero technology, which provides excellent tracking, whilst also reducing the variance in accuracy. It has zero smoothing across the sensor to provide maximum responsiveness. It allows the switching between five different DPI settings, which range from just 200 DPI all the way up to 12000DPI. This allows gamers to be very precise with their targeting.

Logitech G303

The mouse has a 1ms response time, which is similar to other gaming mouses such as the Razer Mamba.

Visuals of the Mouse

The diamond shaped mouse has a matte-black paint finish. The mouse features programmable RGB lighting so you can configure the lighting options, and choose from over 16.8 million different colors. You can choose the lighting color and brightness to match your own preference. The design and entire look of the mouse do resemble the Razer Naga, with many similarities. The programmable buttons are well placed along the side and don’t ruin the curved diamond look of the mouse.

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex
  • Comfort
  • Aestethics
  • Technical Usage


At Tech Insider we believe this mouse is truly one of a kind. It features up to 12000 DPI, is extremely easy to customize, and has 6 programmable buttons. It has a perfect balance between an MMO styled mouse, and an FPS styled mouse. It has very good tracking, and very low response time, meaning the mouse performs extremely well.


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