Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

No matter what game you play, you need a mouse that works best for you. And for most users, the Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse is a great option. It’s inexpensive and can be adjusted for multiple games at once.

And in this review, we want to go in-depth on what makes this mouse work. After that, you have to decide if this gaming mouse is the right one for you.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse,


  • 12,000 DPI
  • 1ms response time
  • Battery Life: 250 hrs
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • Weight: 99 grams


Thanks to a dongle that you place inside the mouse, the Logitech G305 Lightspeed works with any computer once unpacked. Plug the dongle in the correct spot, and you’re ready to go. And, the G305 comes with over four different sensitivities right on the mouse.

Gamers like the G305 because of its simple design. It displays the Logitech G branding o the palm rest. However, the logo isn’t illuminated by RGB. Instead, it was colored in a silvery white that glimmers each time it catches the light.

When it comes to battery power, the G305 can run for at least 250 hours before needing to be recharged. And it’s 1ms response time isn’t too shabby for a budget gaming mouse. This is a good feature for users who want a laptop mouse on the road because it can still be used for precision gaming when needed.

Logitech G305 lightspeedLike other Logitech devices, the G305 is compatible with the Logitech Gaming Software. And its controls are simple. There is where users can activate the expand the endurance battery model. So users can continue their intense gaming marathons with this device.

Using Logitech Gaming Software, you can customize what the buttons do and the DPI settings. The wireless connection works flawlessly and can detect signals from 10 feet away. Thus, making it a good gaming mouse to having in a living room setup.

We also like how you can adjust the Lightspeed’s resolution. Users can adjust its range from 100 – 12,000 dpi, which is enough flexibility for an entry level gaming mouse. But this allows you to customize your mouse sensitivity with ease.

For example, having a higher DPI is great if you’re going to be doing fast movements (i.e. FPS, racing games). But for games such as League of Legends that requires precise clicks, you’ll want to lower it. It’s nice that Logitech gives users the ability to change their DPI to optimize their performance.

This gaming mouse has a polling rate ranging from 125 – 1,000 Hz. The LGS button allows you to adjust the polling rate and the DPI- switcher button. The G305s Settings can be stored in the mice inboard memory or on your computer.

On average, the G305 can withstand 10 million clicks. This shows that the mouse is designed with endurance and durability in mind. Its compact size is understandable, as it’s supposed to be a portable mouse you can take on the go.

Logitech G305The G305’s curvature is subtle and feels comfortable on the palm of your hand. It feels comfortable and is suited for claw-grip players. And there are standard thumb buttons placed on the left side of the mouse, making it easier for users to rest it when it’s not active.

In the LGS Analysis tab, it gives you two options in the sub-menu: Key Duration Heat Map and Key Press Heat Map. LGS tracks the buttons you press. This makes it easier for the mouse to respond to your movements and improve your gaming experience.

The HERO sensor is one of the G305’s most defining features. It’s highly reactive and can be toggled to make quick turns on Overwatch. Or you can lower the DPI setting for more precision-based games.

Plus, its acceleration is smooth, and it makes accurate sudden stops. The mouse is good at gliding, especially on hard surface mouse pads. Because of its improved response times, users can customize the mouse to their own needs.

  • Great and wireless features
  • Lightweight Mechanical design
  • Easy to use

  • No Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Requires AA Batteries

Logitech G305


To conclude, we believe that the Logitech G305 is a great budget gaming mouse. Not only can you quickly adjust its sensitivity, but you can also have multiple profiles to use for your different gaming sessions. Ultimately, try this gaming out if you want to have the most control over your entire gaming preferences!


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