Mad Catz M.M.O. TE Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming has been expanding quite a bit over the years, and it’s expected to grow even more. A lot of the revenue will come to the PC gaming industry, and that’s why peripheral manufacturers are trying to cover every base and cater to the needs of MOBA and MMO gamers.

The Mad Catz M.M.O. TE is a gaming mouse that sports great ergonomics and a lot of programmable buttons as well as the software that lets you make the tweaks and configurations. The TE in the name stands for Tournament Edition, which reflects that it’s a mouse designed precisely for professional gamers.


Although it lacks RGB lighting, the mouse has a few illuminated sections, including the four-LED DPI setting indicator or the mode light. Both of these sections are located on a small wing to the left side of your index finger. While the 12 thumb buttons don’t feature any lighting, it’s not much of a problem since most gamers would like to use it from touch.

The buttons project out at different angles, which help develop a brain map. However, it also means a lack of comfort. The Mad Catz M.M.O. TE features a pair of buttons that are configured as the standard thumb buttons. This gaming mouse is extremely flat, which means that it’s a treat for claw and fingertip grip gamers but not such a comfortable experience for palm grip gamers. The M.M.O. TE mouse is built well and features a vast array of buttons.


It’s an average mouse when it comes to ease of use and comfort as there are some great features and some niggles that dull the glowing review that the M.M.O. TE otherwise would have gotten. However, it’s a strong performer when it comes to sensor performance, speed, and lift-off detection. The 8,200 DPI laser sensor performs well on all surfaces such as glossy desks and rubber mouse mats. With a maximum speed detection of 6m/sec, 50G of acceleration, and 0.2-1mm lift-off detection, it’s an exceptional mouse designed for professional gaming.


It includes a total of 20 buttons. Out of these, there are twelve thumb buttons, two standard switch-equipped mouse buttons, a mode button, a DPI switch, ring finger button, two blue buttons and a scroll wheel button. The Mad Catz software also offers tons of customization features. Its independent tweakable axis sensitivity range of 25 to 8200 DPI is another impressive feature. You can select up to four DPI modes. It also features four sensor damping modes to reduce the ultra-low displacement input that you can turn off as well.


  • Loads of programmable buttons
  • Lightweight mouse; ideal for claw grip users
  • Impressive sensitivity adjustment range
  • Excellent, easy-to-use Mad Catz software suite


  • Lacks in terms of ergonomics in some areas
  • Lacks RGB lighting feature
  • Design is not ideal for palm grip users
  • Pre-set DPI settings in profiles


Mad Catz M.M.O. TE
  • Design
  • Performance


What makes the Mad Catz M.M.O. TE stand out is that it’s more affordable than its competitors. It may not offer everything, but it still offers enough to be your long-term professional gaming partner.


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