Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse Review

The Razer Abyssus is as advertised, a “back to basics” mouse. Compared to other mice made by Razer it doesn’t even compete. It can be seen as a basic version of the Razer Mamba or Razer Taipan. The mouse lacks features, however has some of the core features seen in other Razer mice. It still holds a high DPI  and has an illuminated logo.

Performance of the Mouse

When it comes to performance, the Abyssus has 3500dpi and a 1000Hz polling rate. Other than that the Abyssus completely lacks features. It does not have any programmable buttons, or any other interesting features. Using the Abyssus in gaming will give you an advantage over other basic mice, however competitors that have similar features are much cheaper than the Abyssus and can be up to half the price for the same or similar performance. The optical sensor does work very nicely on different surfaces from carpet to desks and does not require a gaming mouse pad.

Design of the Mouse

The design of the mouse is actually something Razer has done very good with the Abyssus. The mouse is 4.5 inches in size and has a very aesthetically pleasing gloss black color finish. It is a very comfortable mouse and it holds an ambidextrous shape, so both you leftys and right handed people can use the mouse. The large buttons allow easy navigation using the mouse, with both index and middle fingers. Honestly at the price the Abyssus comes at, you are better off spending a little more and upgrading to another mouse from Razer’s range, the design helps if you are a big fan of Razer and need a basic travel mouse, however the performance is lackluster.

Razer Abyssus


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