Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse Review

We get it; you want to get better at gaming. No matter how hard you try, the 10-year-old mouse isn’t working as it should. And while you can search for options, it can be difficult to find the right gaming mouse for you. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

That’s when you need to switch to a Razer Basilisk. Not only does it help with daily tasks, but it has enough speed to play on almost any FPS setting. And, the mouse has enough speed to work.

So we’ll discuss its pros and cons to see if it suits your needs. As a gamer, you need a gaming mouse that works best for you.

That being said, let’s start!

Razer Basilisk


  • 16,000 DPI
  • Durable up to a million clicks
  • 4% Resolution Accuracy
  • Movement Speed: 450 inches per second


Upon first glance, you’d assume that the Razer Basilisk is a typical gaming mouse. But upon further examination, it has a few distinct differences. The top ad some of the sides of the surfaces have a matte-black, soft finish. Due to the comfort, gamers can play for 8+ hours or more using this device.

One aspect that sets it apart from the competition is the drop off on the right side. For some users, this allows them to ergonomically maneuver with the mouse. Seeing as though the mouse weighs in at 107 grams, Razer possibly removed the right side to save weight.

razer basilisk gaming mouseThe scroll wheel lights up on the edges which creates a beautiful appearance when its coupled with the Chroma lighting. Under the scroll wheel are a group of buttons that allow you to adjust the DPI quickly.

And there’s less resistance. Not only does it take a light process to use the clutch, buts it’s easier to remain active when moving the mouse around. This increases your speed when playing games, making it easier to aim as desired.

The underside of the mouse has a few interesting features besides the 16,000 DPI optical sensor and 3 ultraslick mouse feet. With these DPI settings, you’ll have a 99.4% resolution average. So you can play your HD games on the go.

Placed on the front side of the mouse wheel is a resistance wheel adjustment dial which allows you to toggle the scroll wheel’s resistance. The higher the resistance, the slower the scrolling speed and the more “front sideclickier” sounding the wheel gets.

Like most gaming mice, simply place the USB port into your computer and it’s ready to play. Gaming mice manufacturers tend to add extra software to utilize the mouse, so does the Basilisk. In this case, Razer will suggest you install the Synapse 3 software to control the mouse’s features fully.

The Lighting screen is easy to use. It allows you to set your Chroma Lighting Advanced Effects or Quick Effects via the Chroma Studio. You can adjust the Chroma’s lighting and shut it off when your mouse is idle or when the display sleeps.

Users have made positive reviews on the clutch. It’s comfortable, works well, and is smart. The mouse is magnetically held in place, so you can give your thumb extra room if you’re not using it.

razer basiliskThere were no problems with the Razer Basilisk’s performance and its adjustable DPI, 5G optical sensor, and its 1,000 Hz polling rate. The mouse is very customizable, allowing you to create different Profiles for various apps and game.

So, the Razer Basilisk is easier to reach. The gaming mouse has a short and long lever which can be attached to the sides. You’ll be able to adjust the position of the further, or closer to your thumb, where the button is embedded.

The DPI clutch button’s purpose fits the FPS gaming completely. When its held down, it will temporarily slow down the DPI. This makes it easier to aim with your weapon during the game. After its released, the DPI shoots back to the normal rating you set it to.

  • 16,000 DPI optical sensor
  • Adjustable Scroll Wheel Resistance
  • Long braided cord
  • DPI clutch

  • Can’t adjust mouse weight
  • Mouse button design is placed over the edge, which creates awkward positioning

Razer Basilisk


To conclude, we believe that the Razer Basilisk is a great tool for extensive gaming. With its ergonomic design and comfortable settings, it functions as a good daily work mouse and with its customization and comfort options. So consider giving it a look the next time you’re out shopping.


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