Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse Review

The Razer Mamba is Razer’s boasted most precise gaming mouse available on the market. Popular with the FPS crowd due it’s extreme preciseness and response time, the Mamba has grown in popularity to the second most sold mouse from Razer, following closely behind the Razer Naga.

The power of the Mamba is quite snake-like. It is able to track 1 DPI increments at a precision of 0.1 mm which is nearly unheard of for the common day gaming mouse. The 16000DPI 5G Sensor is a fantastic feature and allows the user to gain this extreme precision in their pointing of the mouse.

The comfort of the Mouse

The mouse is very comfortable. With a sleek design and well-positioned buttons, it is easy to get accustomed to. It has a grip textured surface on the side panels and a smooth upper layer for the main core of the mouse. The mouse wheel is easy to get to, and the DPI adjustment buttons are well positioned for the user to easily change the DPI.

Technical Aspects of the Mouse

The best features of the mouse are what’s underneath and inside the technology. It has a 16000DPI 5G Sensor, the highest available DPI for any mouse sold by Razer. The ability to track such small increments allows for extreme precision of the user, perfect for the first person shooter gamer to be accurate.


Whether you choose to go wired or wireless, you will have a response rate of just 1ms, meaning you have virtually zero latency.

Visuals of the Mouse

With the scroll wheel, side strips and the charging dock featuring chroma lighting, the Mamba really can be customized to the user’s specifications, and you can choose all the colors you prefer with the Razer Synapse software, making the Mamba a very aesthetically pleasing mouse.

Razer Mamba
  • Comfort
  • Aestethics
  • Technical Usage


The Razer Mamba is the most precise mouse available on the market with 16000DPI. Great for FPS gaming, and gamers who need very accurate precision with their clicks. Very low response rate, and a very sleek design. An all around great product from Razer.


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