Razer Naga Gaming Mouse Review

The Razer Naga is Razer’s mouse specially designed for MMO players who require tons of buttons to play their games! The mouse is perfect for games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Firefall as all them require a lot of buttons to be keybound, and sometimes when you run out of space on your keyboard, it’s better to put them on your mouse, rather than use modifiers such as Alt, Ctrl, and Shift.

The 8200DPI mouse is made to assist player’s to be able to reach the top of their capabilities, and make sure that whether they are doing PvE or PvP that they destroy their enemies!

Comfort of the Mouse

The mouse is very ergonomic. It fits perfectly in the hand and has several attachments which can be changed on the side panel to enable users to adjust the feel of the mouse. Nearly all of my friends have used, or use a Naga and they always say that the feel is just perfect for them.

Technical aspects of the Mouse

The Naga is extremely accurate. The Razer Naga DPI is 8200, which is way above any requirement for the modern day gaming mice. It has a very responsive feel and will allow for those needing quick reactions to pull them off flawlessly. All the keys are mechanical and have a solid feel to them when pressing. You can readily tap away at keys, and not have any effect on the durability of the keys as their lifespan is too long for any human to comprehend.

Visuals of the Mouse

The aesthetics are insane.

razer naga

The glowing green light which can be configured with the Razer Synapse software to any color of you’re choosing is awesome. Of course, all Razer products have the snake theme throughout, and the Naga is no different, with glowing LED’s on all buttons, the mouse wheel and on the base of the mouse, you won’t mistake who the manufacturer of this one cool piece of hardware is. The mouse can feature different variations such as the Razer Naga Molten and Razer Naga Classic, which encompass different visuals on the mouse, and different color systems.

Razer Naga
  • Comfort
  • Aestethics
  • Technical Usage


Our opinion of the mouse, is that it’s one of a kind. No where else have we seen a mouse with over 17 buttons, and with the function that the Naga comes with. The 8200DPI is a force to be reckoned with, the mechanical keys are very effortless to press, and the visuals are beyond the requirement. It can truly be seen as the best mmo mouse available.


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