Steelseries Rival 300 Gaming Mouse Review

The Rival 300 brings together unsurpassed performance, innovative design and 100 percent customization to give you a professional right-handed gaming mouse. This mouse is chock-full of highly innovative and cutting-edge features including an optical sensor with zero acceleration, new long-lasting SteelSeries switches (> 30 million clicks), and ideal ergonomics for enhanced comfort. An intuitive button placement helps accentuate the grip for a more stable gaming position. Rival also includes a wide range of features that can be easily customized such as response time, adjustable buttons, dual lighting zones, our ExactTech settings, and a 3D printable nameplate. If you are looking for something that leaves the competition far behind in terms of performance and value for money, this is it.


The Rival 300 has been designed to give professional gamers everything they depend on and much more than that. The popular features of the original Rival have been retained with several enhancements added for a much more exciting gaming experience.

The Rival 300’s shape has been inspired by some of the most highly successful gaming mice in the past. All efforts have been taken to ensure that it remains comfortable by offering a right-handed orientation, sleek contours, and a raised back end.


The Razor comes with proprietary SteelSeries switches that are good for more than 30 million clicks with a high-speed connection between the mouse clicks and the sensor. There is also a subtle audible mouse click that ensures a quick response time.

The features of the Razor are also designed to ensure that you remain competitive. The SteelSeries Engine 3 lets you dial in your settings, and the CPI, programmable buttons, polling rate, angle snapping, acceleration and deceleration are completely adjustable, allowing you to mold your mouse according to your specifications.


The Rival’s performance is competent and adequate. This is a low-end device which is perfect for amateur gamers who are looking for a basic mouse that does what is expected of it. The mouse is responsive, accurate and precise and lets you get quite a bit done without using the keyboard. Higher-end gamers may want to look elsewhere.


  • Ergonomic construction
  • Excellent grip
  • Excellent for amateur gamers or those on a budget
  • Smart button layout
  • Comprehensive software


  • Not suited for left-handed gamers
  • Weak illumination
  • Not recommended for higher-end gamers


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