SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse Review

The competition is fierce when it comes to computer accessories. Innovation is happening on a regular basis to comply with the needs of every individual. Amidst this, SteelSeries has managed to create a product with a different approach that is both durable and reliable. It is designed to fit the basic needs of the average user as well as a gamer. With its high-performance operational design, compact durability, and ambidextrous features, the Sensei RAW comes with the most straightforward features with enough customization options for gamers to get their gaming quality up to speed.


The design is created to meet the world-class gaming standards of StarCraft II, Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Warcraft and Doom. The stark, dark color adds to the appearance of the mouse and the ambidextrous design gives a powerful grip to any user. Furthermore, the rubberized feature and a sweat-resistant veneer ensure firm grip during the frantic moments of the game. The high-performance PTFE material covers 16% feet of the mouse, giving the smooth, frictionless glide. Moreover, to use the Sensei, you don’t need to install the software; it will work just fine with the exceptional default settings. However, if you do desire to maximize its potential through customization, download the SteelSeries Engine 3 for an excellent experience. The mouse comes with a standard 2.0 USB connection along with a 6-foot cable. It is available in two different models: Glossy Smooth and Rubberized Anti-Sweat.


The Sensei RAW comprises of SteelSeries’ most advanced laser sensor technology, providing the best results. It could magnify the 10.8 megapixel HD images up to 12,000 frames per second with a tracking ability of 150 inches per second. It comes with a powerful feature called SteelSeries switches that amazingly offer 30 million clicks for a lifetime. These switches are built to ensure quick responses to immediate actions. There is a bullseye logo at the palm rest of the mouse with a customizable illuminating feature. It has several modes of intensity with which you can adjust the brightness in eight different ways. It’s a real benefit for people who use different profiles since by setting each one accordingly, you can be alerted which profile is active. Its CPI toggle settings, programmable buttons, SteelSeries logo, and lighting modes could be changed and personalized with the easy-to-use SteelSeries software.


The mouse offers the ultimate gaming experience with smooth gliding movements and impeccable tracking system. The lighting option enables the user to customize the highs and lows of the games to notify whenever needed. The Sensei Laser RAW is built to satisfy the essential requirements of a user, promising high-performance results even in a full-fledged battle mode. With its stripped down design and relentless performing capabilities, Sensei RAW is the mouse you all have been waiting for.


  • Amazing design
  • Maximum customization options
  • Ambidextrous
  • Advanced sensor


  • Glossy finish is not user-friendly


SteelSeries Sensei
  • Design
  • Performance


The Steelseries Sensei features a truly flawless design and provides ambidextrous support for those left and right handed users. It has an advanced sensor making it precise and accurate. This mouse is only ever recommended and we can only do the same!


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