How to Find the Best Video Game Chair for You

If you spend endless of hours conquering levels or battling it out with your friends on video games, you need the best gaming chair to keep you going strong. Below are five chair recommendations to compliment your inner arcade need.

1. The Ultimate Game Chair V3.

The extreme gaming chair. Amateurs, need not apply. The name of this chair says it all and it’s designed to provide comfort for endless hours of gaming. For approximately $500, you can be the proud owner of beautiful, leather chair that reclines with a kickback footrest. It has vibration, 3D speakers, and 12 feedback motors that are strategically placed throughout this magnificent piece of craftsmanship, so you can experience every video game to its fullest potential. Hear every gunshot, blast,or feel the rumbling of a motor as this chair makes your video experience come alive. It also has a personal headset jack, an extra port for gaming accessories, and even a place to hold your cup to help you keep hydrated while you are blasting away your enemies on Call of Duty.

2. Theater Chair.

This chair is best suited for competitive players who once in a while, will allow their Xbox to take a breather, and watch movies or television shows in comfortable “theater-like” style. It’s a fancier version of a recliner. There are various types out there, to include features like a stainless steel removable cup holder, armchair storage compartments, and loads of padding that support the lumbar system to provide hours of comfortable seating. This particular chair retails for around $600.00. You can purchase this chair as a single component or share the experience in a sofa that has a separate reclined seating. The Magnolia chair comes highly recommended with a power recliner option.

3. Massage chair.

Relax and unwind your tense gaming muscles for better gaming with better chi. This chair can be quite costly, depending on the various ranges of technology and massage options. The Panasonic EP30004TU Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair with 3D Body Scan Technology costs approximately $5,000. But, if you’re struggling with your wife in allowing a “man chair” into your living-room, this chair might just change her mind. It has superb 3D body scan technology that will give you a massage personalized to your body. Massages are also contoured to your height and spinal curve and will provide you with reflexology for the ultimate relaxing experience. It will even massage the points in your feet. If this chair sounds appealing to you, but a little over the top budget-wise, never fear, you can purchase other massage chairs for under $1000.00

4. Video Rocker.

If you’re an avid video game player on a budget, this chair may work for you. It’s light weight, perfect for small spaces, and prices start under $30.00. If you want a more intense experience, you can opt for a rocker with built in speakers and an integrated wireless receiver. For approximately $150.00 dollars, the X Rocker Wireless Floor Chair connects to any game, entertainment or audio system, and can transmit to eight other chairs for the ultimate fighting video companionship with friends.

5. Beanbag.

Like the video rocker, it’s budget and kid friendly. Perfect for dorm room challenges and comes in different sizes to fit the whole family. They are comfortable, but If you need a little more support, chose a bean bag with memory foam. You can purchase this item at your local Walmart. Prices for this chair can range from $20 to over a $100 depending on the size, padding material, and covering you choose.

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