Blue Snowball USB Microphone Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re recording your next hit song or preparing for a 50-page script, you’re going to need a good recording system.

And while there are some microphones that cost hundreds of dollars, the Blue Snowball USB Microphone comes at an affordable price. Keep reading this review to see if this microphone is best for your recording needs.

Blue Snowball USB Microphone (Textured White)
List Price: $69.00
Price: $69.00
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There is one cord that’s included in the box: one 2.0 USB cable that can connect the snowball to a PC or Mac. There is no additional software required – except for whatever digital audio workstation you plan to record on (i.e. Audacity, Garageband).

Once the Snowball connects to a computer, a red light is shown above the Snowball to signify that a connection is established. With a weight of about 460 grams, the Blue Snowball is light and easy to carry.

With a visual design that’s inspired by vintage recording equipment, its stylish, retro aesthetic is suitable for any computer. Its brushed aluminium frame and metal grille represent the old look of classic microphones.

Using Blue’s award-winning circuit and dual-capsule design, the Snowball creates accurate, crisp recordings that are free from distortion or feedback. Thus, making it easier for you to produce your favorite sounds without any loss of quality.

The Blue Snowball is a basic microphone that has 3 different patterns. There is a simple 3 position slider on the back that can change the Snowball’s setting to either Omni, cardioid (with a -10 dB pad), or cardioid.

Cardioid is best for direct speaking, so its good for podcasts, voice-overs, and Twitch streams. Omni can capture all of these sounds from all directions such as a music session with multiple instruments playing or roundtable discussions.

The cardioid setting with the -10 dB pad is good for loud situations where you want to capture the most sound. This setting will keep your voice in a crowd of clipped mess and noise. Despite having a spherical appearance, there is some threading on the base that accepts standard microphone mounts.

It includes a desktop mic stand that allows users to adjust the height easily. Three sturdy legs are folded out from the base that keeps it steady on flat, hard surfaces. And there are Snowball shock mounts that are available, so audiophiles can continue to record on tough environments.

blue snowballThe Snowball is an absolute breeze to set up. Just plug it in the USB section of the computer, wait for the drivers to become installed. Also, it makes itself the primary recording device on Windows 10 computers. From there it’s a matter of turning on your software and pressing record.

The 44.1 kHz rate of the Snowball is standard for casual grade microphones. It’s known as “CD Quality” which is adequate enough for streaming and has the same sample rate as MP3 files. This means that users can get a 1:1 match via sample rates.

Sound quality is important for applications such as voiceover and recording podcasts. It’s great for streaming, as its light years ahead of what’s required of a simple microphone or headset.

  • Good sound on the Cardoid setting
  • Easy to Install
  • Build Quality

  • MP3 Quality Only
  • No Mute Button Included

Blue Snowball


Overall, Blue Snowball USB Microphone is a great option for first time recording artists, podcasters, and voice actors. Not only is it easy to install, but its plug and play set up allow you to start recording minutes after unboxing the device.


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