AmazonBasics A100 Speakers Review

If you are planning to buy speakers, you should get the AmazonBasics A100.

It is the epitome of simple and straightforward. But simple it is not, where it really matters. What it lacks in style and color, it makes up for function and performance. Of course, not everyone agrees that this is the perfect speaker. Then again, the standard of perfect is often subjective.

Pros and Cons of AmazonBasics A100


  • It has a low profile
  • It is low cost
  • Only requires 5 volts from the USB port, ensuring a small footprint
  • Doesn’t drain laptop power


  • The speaker system does not support digital audio input
  • Comes with a total of 3 cables
  • Only has a total of a 3-watt power rating


The AmazonBasics A100 is a USB-powered budget computer speaker that is plain in design, and only comes in one solid color – black. So it’s either you want it or you don’t. You don’t have a choice between red, blue and yellow.

It has a felt-covered plastic enclosure and front metal grilles. The volume dial is placed on the right-channel speaker, and also serves as the power button. The only other add-on is the LED power indicator that sits right next to the volume dial. This computer speaker is connected with a 4.5-feet cable, and comes with a stereo audio cable and USB cable. It is connected to a computer via a 3.5mm analog input.


The low-power consumption of the PC speakers also means a minimal power rating. The 3 watts power is shared equally between the two speakers, which mean each one only draws 1.5 Watts, which should have been good news, except that it affects the kind of amplifier that can be used with the system. Because of the power specification, only a low power amplifier can be used with the AmazonBasics A100.

It doesn’t have a woofer, either. This means the speaker can’t go as loud as you might want. When you turn up the volume you should also expect some distortion.

The speaker comes with a total of 3 cables that will run across your computer desk. You need to secure them with plastic ties or cable to keep your table organized.

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