DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker Review

The new wireless bluetooth speaker by Doss gives every other portable speaker in its price range a run for their money. This small, streamlined speaker has better sound quality and a larger variety of innovative features than you would ever expect to find in a low-cost option.

Some of the more impressive features are:
• Sleek Design – The minimalist look and feel of this speaker fits any setting or decor.
• Automatic Shut Off – You don’t need to worry about draining the battery if you forget to shut it off. If it hasn’t played any music for a length of time, it powers down on its own.
• Intuitive Volume Control – This may just be me, but I love the volume control. Instead of a knob, there’s a touch-sensitive circle on the top o the speaker. Just run your finger in a circle (clockwise for louder, counter-clockwise for softer) to control the sound. This is in keeping with the design, but it also contributes to the speaker’s life, as volume knobs are usually the first thing to go.
• Portable – Its small size and light weight (just over a pound) mean you can take this anywhere.

And when it comes to more vital features like sound quality and compatibility, it doesn’t disappoint.

Sound Quality:
For such an affordable option, the sound quality is impressive. Granted, it doesn’t compare to a two-hundred dollar speaker, but it offers far more than anything else at this price range. It’s crisp, reaches a high volume without distortion, and has a surprisingly full, rich bass.

Bluetooth Compatibility:
Remember when we had to hook up our speakers with wires? Nowadays, everything is equipped with Bluetooth technology, leaving older devices out in the cold. Well, prepare yourself for the best of both worlds, because this speaker comes with 4.0 wireless compatibility and a 3.5mm auxiliary input so you can hook it up to wired devices. Fore wireless, it has an impressive range of over 30 feet. It also automatically connects to the last used device in range, saving you time and hassle.

Battery Life:
The included Li-Ion 2200 mAh rechargeable battery boasts up to 12 hours of continuous use, and though I haven’t tested that fully, I love the fact that I can use it off and on throughout the entire day (work and home) without recharging it. And speaking of charging, it comes with a standard micro USB charger for universal ease of use.

The waterproof bag is a great touch. A small, portable speaker like this is perfect to use outdoors, so having a handy, waterproof cover really comes in handy. I also like the built-in microphone, which allows for hands-free calling, right through the speaker.


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