Apie Classic Sound Cannon Bluetooth Speaker Review

This classic portable speaker has a lot of features which makes it a gadget worth having and will never disappoint you in keeping you entertained anywhere. Its battery lasts up to 8-10 hours for every full charge and it features four audio playback options. The APIE classic sound Cannon is one of the most versatile Bluetooth speakers which has a lot of features and goes for below $40 presently.

The Sound Cannon comes with a USB charging cable, a user manual and instructions for setup, a 3.5mm audio cable and the speaker itself. The design of the APIE Classic Sound Cannon is retro-inspired and has modern aesthetic touches all over it. The APIE Classic Sound Cannon is very attractive, compact and at the same time lightweight which makes it easy to carry around on days on the beach, camping and during other outdoor activities.

The speaker which measures 9.4 x 5.5 x 2.7 inches has a robust appearance that does not fail to catch one’s attention at first glance. It is rectangular-shaped and its upper body serves as a handle. Its body has a stylish brushed finish and its edges are rounded and it has feet made of rubber so it can be stable while in use. Its eye-catching appearance is due to its matte black finish with red accents along the front grille and the handle.

The placement of its controls is proof that its manufacturers did not intend any sort of complications in the design. The controls are lined up on the upper part of the speaker’s handle. There is a blue LED light under the handle which shows that the speaker is on coupled with a digital display which shows the radio station playing or he type of connection being used.

In the sound production, there is a 3D surround sound and a transducer comes with it which drives sound easily through any frequency without any distortion. The total sound output is put at 10 watts and its sensitivity is rated at 80db which are sufficient to permeate through a small or medium-sized room with clear and crisp sound.

In outdoor settings, the audio performance is above average thanks to the speaker’s two passive radiators which enhance bass notes.

The speaker features connectivity through Bluetooth which is supported by the speaker’s 3.0 + EDR profile which makes sure that you have a reliable wireless connection and quick transfer of data. It is even nicer that a voice plays each time you enable Bluetooth mode.

Within seconds the speaker pairs with any other device and it also lets you play music directly from a MicroSD card or from a USB stick. It features a FM radio too.

The APIE Classic Sound Cannon comes with a 2000mAh lithium battery, which is capable of keeping the speaker going for up to 10 hours if the music is played at a volume not higher than 80%. It takes about 3 hours to get fully charged through its USB port.

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Apie Classic Sound Cannon
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The Apie Classic Sound Cannon Bluetooth Speaker is an all around well performing speaker, that has awesome sound quality and battery life.


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