GSPON Bluetooth Speaker Review

GSPON has launched the universal Bluetooth speaker with FM and flash light. The speaker is available in the champagne gold color making it look more amazing and classy. Now that you do not need to carry the large and bulky speakers with you; the new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker is a small one that can be kept in your hand bag. Moreover, the voice quality of the speaker is so good that it can easily replace the giant speakers that take up all your space. Yes, you may call it as the best option for the party lovers. Now, with the new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker, you can spare sometime at your workplace to listen music and erase the fatigue of work.

What are the features?

• The new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker is compatible with IOS and android as well. The best part is, other than these two most common ones, the new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker can be perfectly compatible with any machinery that you have.

• The speaker is a very small and a thin one that you can keep in your bag and can also handle by one hand only. The distribution hang rope is also there that does not get loose. You can handle them like a small purse or a clutch.

• The new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker also comes with LED lights design so that you do not get afraid at night or in the dark. It also means that the new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker can be used in dark. Moreover, it also serves the purpose of the torch.

• The speaker serves the purpose of power bank too. The new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker has built in 3000 mAh lithium polymer batteries which charge the cell phones. So, no need so electricity to charge your phone now. Its charging life is 12 hours!

• The International advanced Bluetooth chip and circuit design techniques support all types of Bluetooth devices. So the new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker can be used as outdoor speakers.

• This kind of high-end Bluetooth speaker also supports the FM radio function that can directly search regional stations very conveniently.

• In addition, this exquisite wireless speaker Bluetooth signals distance up to 10 meters. So, you can call it as the perfect match for your mobile phone!

• At the same time Support TF Card, the wireless speakers can directly play TF card stored music files. Now, you do not have to be dependent on your phone to play the music.


GSPON Bluetooth Speaker
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  • Performance


The new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker is available at very reasonable price so that the people do not have to pay the fortune like other Bluetooth speakers. They cost only $25.99 per new GSPON universal Bluetooth speaker, which makes it great value for money, and a highly recommended Bluetooth speaker from TheTechInsider.


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