Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System Review

Logitech has been offering audio solutions, gaming peripherals and presentation hardware to the PC community for many years now. Logitech definitely has something for you if you can make it work with a PC. That said, let’s take a look at the Logitech X-540 Speakers. They are a 5.1 surround system with a set of five speakers and a dedicated sound subwoofer designed to offer users a full surround experience. The system comes with a stereo matrix processing, which is designed to produce spacious surround sound from two channel audio sources.

Packaging and Design

The X-540 speaker system comes in its retail packaging upon arrival. Inside the box, you’ll find a manual that contains all the information you’d like to know about your new speakers. One thing that makes the X540 speaker system stand out is the claim that it will work with any DVD or CD player, gaming console, an iPod and your PC as well. This is quite convenient as you can comfortably choose where to run the speakers without being stuck with it on a particular device.
Included in the box is a trio of stereo cables that can be interfaced with the well-known six channel surround cards that can be found in a lot of multimedia PCs. Logitech coded each cable with a particular color and this makes it simpler to differentiate both ends of the cable. If what you want to use is a game console, Logitech included an adapter that can accept RCA phono plugs.

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The speakers have a swiveling base that can be twisted to 180 degrees. This allows them to sit comfortably on a table or mounted on a wall. Each of the speakers comes in a sealed enclosure with two small drivers with the top driver emitting higher frequency than the lower driver.

Wired Remote

The X-540 wired remote uses a long extension cable to connect to the subwoofer. You can enable the matrix circuit with the power button on the right, while on the left side is the power button. There is a LED on each button to indicate its status. The remote has a large knob on the top, which is used to control the volume of all the speakers. The remote makes for easy control of the volume level and provides a smooth level change as well.


The Logitech X-540 offers a great sound for its price. You can enjoy excellent sound with moderate volume levels as opposed to what its obtainable from the audio electronics found in a normal PC. One good advantage of using the X-540 is that the audio is completely discreet with sources that support the format.
If you’ve a computer system with low quality speakers, then you’ll instantly benefit from the 5.1 channels that the X-540 offers. The speaker system will extensively improve the sonic experience of games, music and movies and so, it’s a real value for its price.

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Logitech X-540 5.1
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The Logitech X-540 5.1 is an excellent high quality surround sound speaker system that provides audio from multiple angles, with many different individual speakers that can be placed all around the room. It also features a main heavy bass speaker providing loud crystal clear audio. The x540 is a highly recommended speaker system.


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