Logitech Z130 Speaker System Review

Logitech has already established itself as one of the best brands of computer accessories on the market. There are for sure many reasons of that. There are many reasons for the popularity for Logitech products as their quality, great design and amazing performance makes them favorite choices for many people around the globe. Of course when we are talking about computer accessories we must agree that this is great gamma of different products, from headphones to keyboards, but when it comes to speakers Logitech are simply the best.

The Logitech Z130 Speakers are very popular choice among many different computer users because of their amazing quality of sound that comes on a very reasonable price. Of course when we are talking about speakers we should understand that everybody have a different use and needs as some people might prefer to listen their favorite songs on them, while others might need them for work, this is why when we are reviewing a product we must take into account several things – design, performance, features and the price. So let’s see what Logitech has to offer us with their Z130 Speakers.


The Logitech Z130 Speakers have very compact and yet really elegant design. They come with left and right speaker. Their simple design makes them really easy to use, as they feature as small and handy button on the right speaker, which allows the user to control them with ease. Furthermore, their small size makes them perfect to use in any sort of environment, be it at home or on your desk at work.


When it comes to performance the Logitech Z130 Speakers are absolute beasts. Don’t let their compact design fool you, as you will be amazed how much power these little speakers can produce. Logitech Z130 Speakers come with 5 watts of total power for sound, which guarantees the strength and the clarity of the sound. Their enhanced surround sound system will ensure you to enjoy the rich stereo and the great quality of sound.


These 2.0 channel multi-media speakers can be used on many different devices and operating systems. This means that you are not limited on listening music only from your laptop or computer as you can connect them to your phone, mp3 or any other multi-media device. The setup is really easy as the Logitech Z130 Speakers do not require any software or hardware installation to be used. Simply plug them in via the 3.5 mm jack to your device to enjoy their great quality of sound. For further comfort they have built-in headphone jack in front, so whenever you like you can switch to headphones for more privacy.

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Logitech Z130
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You might assume that for such great quality of sound and so many included features these speakers must be pretty expensive, but guess again. Logitech Z130 Speakers are available for less than $30 which is nothing if you compare them with the price of other speakers with similar qualities.


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