Logitech Z313 Speaker System Review

Say bye-bye to your old tiny speakers that never satiated your desire for real listening experience. It’s time to step up and get yourself something that could fulfill your listening needs.

Logitech Z313 2.1 Speaker System does the job perfectly.

Logitech needs no introduction when it comes to top hardware giants in the world. Its Z313 lives up to the reputation and offers excellence in quality of sound. Whether it is gaming, music or movies, Z313 suits every purpose and gives an unmatched performance that you always wanted from your previous speaker system.

Let’s have a look at several key attributes of the product.

Logitech Z313 2.1 Speaker System
List Price:$46.90
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  1. Power- The total system output is rated 25 watts which are quite balanced between “not enough power” and the “power is too high”. Just don’t expect roof shattering sound from the system, rather it delivers crystal clear sound which doesn’t lose details even at maximum volume. It is good enough for a small room or office, with room-filling sounder and deeper base.
  1. Design:  The system has an elegant design, compact in size and comes with a convenient pod. As the name suggests, the pod offers you the control of volume at your fingertips. Just touch the button and you can turn down and turn up the volume according to your requirement. If you are in the mood of some privacy, you can plug in your headphones in the jack provided in the pod and you are good to go. The chrome ring around the speaker grille coupled with the plastic matte body with rounded edges, makes the system’s look irresistible.

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  1. Performance: The compact subwoofers deliver high-quality bass and have a warm sound signature. Distortion level is low as good quality sound can easily be harnessed up to 90% of its maximum volume limit. The Sounds offers great depth in the frequency range of 48-20000Hz when compared to other speaker systems under the same price range and totally values the money.
  1. Setup: The setup can be made pretty easy and quick as the satellite speakers have to be connected to the subwoofers and the subwoofers to the computer. The system starts delivering amazing quality music right from the startup. Though the wires get a bit messy and so frequent displacements of the system is not recommended. Just set it up at any location and get ready to rock your room with this amazing product from Logitech.

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Logitech Z313
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  • Performance


The Logitech Z313 is an older speaker system, but still has awesome power and sound quality for such a cheap speaker system. Logitech is a well respected brand because of the high quality builds and materials used.


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