Logitech Z506 Speaker System Review

What is one of the most immersive sense that we have on our human body? It is a sense that can capture moments, change moods and impact your spirit head on. It can save you from danger, keep you alert and put you to sleep. It is the sense of sound. Sound, is one of the most important parts of any experience during a life time. If you ever been to a live orchestra, you know how rich and grand the music sounds there thanks to the acoustics at work in the theater. If you ever been to an IMAX movie theater, you know how important sound is as sounds like explosions are happening right next to you! If you ever played a video game with turtle beach headphones, then you know how advantageous it is to know where the sound is coming from when playing a first person shooter.

Now, imagine the best sound, surround theater type sound, orchestra-like sound, in your home living room. You can have that. And you can have at a price point that won’t leave you having butterflies coming out of your wallet. This surround sound system is the Logitech Z506 Speaker System.

Logitech Surround Sound Speaker Z506
List Price:$74.95
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The Logitech Z506 Speaker System is one of the best, compact and well-designed surround sound systems out today! It is a 5:1 surround system with inputs for up to 4 audio sources! That’s right. You can channel for different audios into this one system no questions asked. There is no more of a blocky retro look to these speakers Logitech has done away with that design choice.

Now, we have sleek, cool looking speakers that represent the move to the future. The right speaker has some of the more important functions as you will find the power and volume button on this side.

You will also be pleased to know that the volume dial is not a flimsy little toy that can be thrown around like the latest rag doll. Instead, it is delicate enough for you to crank up the volume quick but has enough rigidity for you to change it just enough to make the smallest adjustments.

It is actually rather quick for you to set up this speaker system as every single port behind the speakers are color-coded. Unless you are colorblind, this means that you will be able to place each necessary wire in place to have your own little home theater system set up for you to enjoy.

If there is anything we can recommend for you, in order to make your experience with the Logitech Z506 Speaker System better, we recommend you getting a longer RCA cable.

Other than that, this is one of the best surround systems for you to enjoy in order to enhance your movie and gaming experience.

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Logitech Z506
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Not many systems can boast the quality of this speaker at this price point with an up to date design like Logitech can. If you want to treat yourself to some epic sound, then this is the speaker system to check out.


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