Logitech Z623 Speaker System Review

If you are looking for an amazing deal on speakers, then be sure to check out Logitech Z623 speaker system, you will be literally blown away, no pun intended.  Obviously, when it comes to speakers, the sound is very crucial.  With the Logitech Z623 speaker system, the sound is deep and rich.  Experts claim that it’s the most three-dimensional they’ve ever experienced from a 2.1 system.  The bass and treble are already perfectly tuned out of the box. You get fantastic audio performance and awesome power at a great bargain.  You will also be proud of its THX certification.  Some of you may remember how George Lucas, the pioneer behind THX revolutionized sound in film.  With this THX certification, you can be sure that you are bringing some of the movie theater sounds directly to your home theater system for optimum sound and quality.  Take full advantage of the range of the Logitech Z623 speaker system to play music that requires a powerful subwoofer or you can utilize its refined settings to suit your preference.

Make sure that you can create ample space for the speaker system, some breathing room is required to work its magic. The 7.8 by 5.6 by 5.4-inch stereo speakers (HWD), which are slightly angled upward for proper desktop listening, are shorter and wider than most desktop speakers.   Furthermore, the right speaker’s front panel contains three knobs, one for power, the other for volume, and lastly, bass level. Two 3.5mm connections for an auxiliary input and a headphone jack reside on the right panel of the speaker, and a large, hard-wired cable that connects to the subwoofer protrudes from the back. The left speaker possesses a thinner hardwired cable that helps connect to the sub through a single RCA-type connection.

When it comes to the size of the subwoofer, you are looking at about 11.9 by 11.1 by 10.4 inches (HWD) which boasts a nice size indeed. As we alluded to earlier, be careful with its total output that could blast sound through the roof. Aside from the previously mentioned connections on the subwoofer’s rear panel, the sub offers a stereo RCA input and a 3.5mm primary input for standard PC connections.

Logitech Z623

It’s important to mention that the system lacks a remote control, which doesn’t really factor in much if you’re only using it at your computer.

Feel yourself enjoying music in a different way with the amazing sound quality. You will be able to experience music with a deeper bass just as the original musicians envisioned for their sound. Should you choose to blast the system and turn the bass all the way up, you won’t encounter any distortion, a rare quality for a system at this price point.  Of course, be sure to warn your neighbors that it’s only a test.  With each satellite delivering 35 watts and the sub pumping out 130, the Logitech Z623 is definitely loud enough for any party. At moderate and even low levels, it translates all the nuances of music and dialogue elegantly, with a similar quality to Logitech’s headsets such as the Logitech G35 or Logitech G430.

Logitech Z623
  • Sound Quality
  • Design


Logitech Z623 Speaker System is great value for money. Although it may not be as good and provide as much power as the Z906. It still delivers excellent sound quality and a sturdy and suitable speaker frame size.


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