Logitech Z906 Speaker System Review

The Logitech Z906 speaker system is the signature audio system from Logitech, providing surround sound high-quality audio. It’s compatible with computers, music players, TVs and more. It works with all audio sources with a 3.5mm output, digital optical, RCA audio and a digital coaxial output. When buying the system you are provided with a large Subwoofer, five extra speakers, a sick foot connection cable, and a wireless remote to control the audio levels. The Z906 is the more advanced version of the Z623.

Performance of the Speakers

The overall performance is excellent. The speakers arrive THX Certified and have Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding. With a 3D Stereo, it can provide surround sound from 2-channel sources. The sub-woofer provides a very bass-heavy sound, however, it still maintains high-quality audio, and the sound quality is crystal clear. When using the system to watch a movie, you really feel like you are inside the film, as the surround sound provides audio from all over your room. The Z906 can peak at `000-watts providing very powerful acoustics for music, movies or games.

Build Quality of the Speakers

The build quality for the speakers is exceptional. The large chunky enclosures for the speakers provide a very sturdy and durable speaker. The speakers do not feel flimsy, or that they will fall apart after long use.

Logitech z906

Even after dropping the speakers(twice) by accident, both did not suffer any damages in audio quality or any damage to the speakers exterior.

Visuals of the Speakers

The speakers are designed very nicely, with a dark grey color scheme applied. All the external speakers are small and easy to fit into places behind the sofa or mounted on walls. The large subwoofer is cube-shaped, and can easily fit under the desk or under the TV on the television stand. This compact and very intelligent work put into the speakers provides them with a very stylish finish.

Logitech Z906
  • Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Visuals


The Logitech Z906 Speaker System is a very well designed and compact system that can provide immense levels of power. Even though it can dish out 1000-watts of power, it still provides crystal clear audio quality and a very intelligent system allowing you to control the speakers remotely.


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