Razer Leviathan Soundbar Review

The Leviathan is a sound bar developed by Razer. It is small as compared to the other sound bars and is easily portable and adjustable under any desktop monitor or in a living room. With cutting-edge Dolby sound and other exciting features, it has become the preferable sound bar in the market.



Razer Leviathan has a space-saving design. It has a height of 4-inch, depth of 3-inch, and a width of 19.6-inch. As compared to other sound bars present in the market, it occupies lesser space and pumps out a higher and clearer surrounding sound. It has a classy matte black body that is covered with a metallic grille and has Razer’s logo at the center, which makes it more alluring. Inside the grille, there are two 0.74-inch tweeters and two 2.5-inch midrange drivers, both of which hold 15 watts of uninterrupted power.

Other than that, it contains power button for Dolby virtual surround, volume control buttons, equalizer preset buttons for choosing the game mode and movie mode, input selection, and a USB port. At the bottom, it carries a port for connecting the subwoofer, 3.5mm audio input, and a power connector.

This sound bar comes with a matte black subwoofer. It is designed as a colossal keyboard key, on top of which there is Razer’s logo. It possesses a 30-watt driver, and it doesn’t require a power outlet. Also, it is not wireless and is linked to the sound bar through a single cable.


Razer Leviathan has adjustable tilt angles (0 degrees, 15 degrees and 18 degrees) for producing optimal sound. It can connect Bluetooth devices through Bluetooth v4.0. It has a 10-meter wire connecting range, which means that it eradicates inconvenience and the hassle of multiple cables. For ultra-fast pairing, Razer has added NFC technology, which permits users to connect quickly with the recently paired device with only a single tap.

It is powered by Dolby Virtual Speaker, Dolby Pro Logic 2, and Dolby Digital (AC-3) to give its users a stereo surround system.


Regardless of its small size, it produces clear and loud surround sound without any distortion. Its sound quality is enough for a huge room. When playing games, it makes the sound more realistic, and people feel like all the action is going around them. It enhances the sound of every intricate detail with such intensity that it turns the game into reality.

For music and movies, it manages to sound very admirable. It produces each and every dialogue with such depth that it becomes more compelling and absorbing. When it comes to music, it is a little biased towards the bass, yet it produces a remarkable resonant sound. This flaw is not too noticeable since its focus is more towards producing exceptional gaming sound than music.


Leviathan is a less spacious, relatively economical, and well-designed sound bar as compared to others. Although it is best suited for gaming, it works well with movies and music too. Its only weakness is that it produces more bass sound than treble. If this flaw isn’t important to customers, this sound bar is the best choice.

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Razer Leviathan
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The Razer Leviathan is a portable soundbar that has very good audio quality. It is slightly more expensive than other competing brands, but Razer is a very reputable company and this product will definitely last a long time.


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