Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker Review

Quality speakers are hard to find, especially for music enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy the perfect sound experience. When you want a portable speaker, then you look for wireless capability as well. One such speaker includes the Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker. These speakers deliver a powerful sound which can be heard in multiple rooms. Don’t judge the product on its size; when you hear the sound this speaker has to offer, you will be blown away.

Sonos PLAY:3 Review

Design and Features

These speakers are powerfully built to ensure top quality sound and bass. They are wireless, so you do not have to worry about connecting them to anything to turn them on, eliminating the hassle of taking care of wires. You can only recharge the speakers by connecting to a source with the USB port. The speakers ensure that the users experience deep and rich audio, even if you are in the other room as it is capable of delivering the same quality music in multiple rooms. The sound quality of this model is superior compared to the PLAY:1. You can even sync one song perfectly with other devices.

The setup of these speakers is incredibly easy and does not require too much of your time. You simply need to connect your Wi-Fi with the speakers. You can enhance the sound of your house by keeping these multiple speakers in different rooms, which will be in perfect sync when played together. It comes with wireless connectivity so that you can simply connect your phone or other devices to the speaker and play your favorite music with services such as Pandora and Spotify. You will notice that there will be no interruptions during streaming. The design of the speakers is very compact, so they take less counter space and can be carried and placed anywhere in your home.

You can even pair it with other stereo devices and home theaters, and it will make a great addition which will enhance your overall experience.


Performance and Quality

Concluding the Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker review, you will notice that the speakers are highly durable and stable. You can keep them anywhere and in any way, and they will still deliver quality music. The sound quality of the speakers is superb, and they can be connected to other devices to enhance the experience. There will be no lag or interruptions when you wirelessly connect the speakers to any other device. In fact, the sound will be delivered in perfect sync. The performance of these speakers is top of the line. They are reviewed as one of the best devices you can purchase with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many customers recommend this speaker as they are highly satisfied with its performance.



  • Can be placed anywhere and the sound will be delivered in multiple rooms
  • The speakers wirelessly stream audio without interruptions
  • They also have the ability to connect with other devices
  • The setup and interface of the speaker are very simple


  • They are a little on the pricey side


Sonos PLAY:3
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The Sonos PLAY:3 speakers are some of the most high quality speakers you can find on the market. These speakers produce excellent quality sound and are very durable and long lasting. The quality doesn’t fade after hours of playing loud bass heavy music and there is very little wrong with the speakers.


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