SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

The world of technology keeps surprising us with better and more efficient products. Everyday the market world over is flooded with new and improved products to enhance the different aspects of everyday life. Electronic devices and appliances have become more of a necessity than a choice in today’s world where everyone seeks convenience and comfort. Life is hectic; why not add better quality products to truly live the life we desire!

Music is the language of the soul and good sound system is what makes this language fluent and better. A good speaker system enhances not just the quality of music but heightens the whole experience. SoundFit Plus Speaker is the newest addition to this family. It’s a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that offers many advantages and is picking up popularity amongst the tech savvy generation.


  • Waterproof, dust and shock resistant
  • Portable speakers with effective wireless sound system
  • Durable and long life
  • Powerful Bass and crystal clear treble to maximize the experience
  • Built in microphone and hands- free
  • Two five watt speakers with 40mm drivers
  • Measures 8 X 4.3 X 2.5 inches
  • 7V 2000 mAh capacity and quick charging that lasts up to 12 hours


The features of the SoundFit Plus look pretty impressive and it definitely promises a great experience. The sound quality is commendable and its durability makes it a great outdoor experience. Party music or a group movie session could definitely be enhanced with this portable speaker. It’s lightweight and size make it easy to carry to every terrain and place. What’s more? It promises a 33 ft range which is higher than most competition devices promise!

The price is affordable and for the many features and benefits it makes it an absolute value for money. It is easily paired with almost all devices and automatically pairs to pre paired devices. You can also mount the SoundFit Plus on to bicycles and tripods. It comes with a USB charger and a 3.5 mm jack if you want to connect it directly rather than through the Bluetooth. It’s a highly recommended product that has received great appreciation by the experts in the field.

Now, carry your music and party anywhere and everywhere you go, for long extended hours of fun, without the worry of your SoundFit Plus dying out on you!

SoundFit Plus embed


SoundFit Plus
  • Design
  • Performance


The SoundFit Plus is an awesome speaker that provides high quality audio with waterproof protection, whilst still maintaining an affordable price level.


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