Vomach Bluetooth Speaker 4.0 Review

Are you still looking for the perfect outdoor speaker that is both lightweight and loaded with bass? You could say that Vomach has finally found out the solution to your problem. The Vomach Portable Speaker 4.0 is a gem of a product having the ability to produce sounds that will change your perception regarding outdoor speakers. Here are some of the features of Vomach Portable Speaker 4.0.

1.     Battery Advantage:

The Vomach Portable Speaker 4.0’s biggest advantage over other outdoor speakers is its rechargeable long lasting battery. The speaker takes only 3-4 hours to charge and then gives you good music for an average of 10 hours. A high capacity rechargeable battery further makes it a powerhouse and to charge on a regular basis will ensure that the battery will last a lifetime.

2.     Sensitive Control Buttons:

How often it happens that a speaker’s buttons get worn out? Well, the Vomach Portable Speaker 4.0 has sensitive control buttons that with a slight touch of your fingertips can be triggered. Basic buttons like next song, previous song, volume up and volume down are all present on the body of the speaker and are durably sensitive. The particular shape of the speaker gives you an easy access to hand free talking.

3.     Sound Advantage:

Remember when I said that your perception of outdoor music will change? I meant it, the Vomach portable speaker 4.0 is a great example of an outdoor speaker providing the quality of sound that is unmatchable in richness and quality. The reason is simple; it gives you two 5W stereo speakers with an incredible sounding stereo having a full range of output that gives you a bass that is crisp and rich.

4.     Bluetooth:

The Bluetooth feature gives you benefits such as transferring songs on the go. Plus it has a range of 33 feet which makes it highly functioning and fast. The best part is that it has a Bluetooth audio player that can support files such as A2DP, AVRCP and HFP.

5.     Waterproof:

What’s the use of an outdoor speaker that gets damaged due to water? Vomach Portable Speaker 4.0 gives you an edge because it is waterproof with a rating standard of IPX6 which basically means that your speaker is safe from any sort of rain and water spillage.

6.     Perfect Outdoor Speaker:

Doesn’t matter if you’re going on a hike or having a barbecue, the Vomach Portable Speaker 4.0 is your best choice as an outdoor speaker. It is lightweight having features such as portability, waterproofing, excellent sounds and Bluetooth connection making it the complete outdoor speaker.

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Vomach Bluetooth Speaker
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Let’s not forget to shed some light on the pricing of this remarkable product; you get all the features described above in just $36.99 making it excellent value for money!


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