TheTechInsider Takes Over Andalusiangames, NandosBlackcard, Movewithgroove and Julesvernesmysteriousisland Press Release

TheTechInsider team has acquired a few more brands to help join the movement as we strive to technology and gaming pioneers. We have now accepted a few new brands to join our ranks and will be taking over their businesses as well as their staff.

As we have taken on new staff and have new members working for us now, we would like to publicly announce and welcome the following people to the team: John, Johnny, Socks and Pants. These new 4 team members will be helping expand our global reach and ensuring we achieve our goals that are set out for 2019.

John is expected to be focusing on our tech related articles, he has previous experience in gaming and being a World of Warcraft engineer it helps that he can now choose the best gaming mice and more.

Socks and Pants are a duo together and will be focusing on getting the gaming keyboard article ready and rolling, whilst also maintaining our bluetooth speaker reach.

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